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The stripping away of antigens is done by the scanning-multiple-lasers of a high repetition rate in the blue-purple frequency domain. The guiding-lasers are in the red-green frequency domain.

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The scanning laser beam is partially reflected as long as the antigen s is not eliminated. The process of the protein detachment can last a few minute. A novel method for the treatment of the neurological diseases is proposed. In this way, the corrupt molecules the structure of molecules can be manipulated, so as to treat eliminate the neurological disease.

Music and Lyrics by V. Love and Physics in the s by V. Russia Is Looking at Me. Laser Driven Thermonuclear Fusion. God is a Weak Lefthander. Victor Viki Frederick Weisskopf on J. A novel method for alpha particle diagnostics is proposed. Nonlinear Landau damping of the IBM on fast ions near the plasma edge leads to the space-time changes in the turbulence level, inverse alpha particle channeling. The space-time monitoring of the IBM turbulence via the SRS techniques may prove efficient for the real time study of the fast ion velocity distribution function, spatial distribution, and transport.

The difficulty, in the US climb grading system, was: Otherwise, I would be too lazy to repeat a climb. Keith did like to repeat the climb of a particular rock on the very same day; sometimes even a few times over. He found a whole new experience in every repetition. That was Keith at his best. He was a passionate and skilled rock climber.

Keith had brought a new passion 4 into my life: During the breaks from climbing and on our way back to La Jolla , we would discuss physics and general issues. When I was working on the Laser Waveguide and my other inventions within defense science and technology, Strategic Defense Initiative 5: On January , , I organized a conference, honoring Keith for his life achievements in research in physics. However, I am not quite sure about what you want me to say, or how long I should talk.

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Joshua Tree National Park: A desert area east of Los Angeles. Physics Today, November ; the Conference announcement. The Conference video is available on You Tube: The archive of the Institute for Advanced Physics Studies: Monday—Friday, March 3—7, ; Denver, Colorado. The scanning lasers pinpoint the areas with plaques and eliminate them. Laser interaction is highly efficient, because of the focusing capabilities and possibility for the identification of the damaging proteins by matching the protein oscillation eigen-frequency with laser frequency [2].

Laser Manipulation of Blood Types: A novel mechanism of importance for the transfusion medicine [1] [ is proposed. The interaction of ultrashort wavelength multilaser beams with the flowing blood thin films can lead to a conversion of blood types A, B, and AB into O type [2]. The laser force, parametric interaction with the antigen eigen-oscillation , [3] upon the antigen protein molecule must exceed its weight. Infektionskrankheiten , 27 , —, Monday—Friday, November 11—15, ; Denver, Colorado.

The fast ignition fusion [1] pellet gain [2] can be enhanced by a laser generated B-field shell. A properly designed laser-pellet coupling [3] can lead to the generation of a B-field shell, up to MG , which inhibits electron thermal transport and confines the alpha-particles. In principle, a pellet gain of fews can be achieved in this manner. This is a chapter in the book: S-U-Press, La Jolla, The content of this video is a pure fiction-fantasy and a pure fiction-fantasy only.

Myrtha asks you to dance with her the "Cosmic Dance.


It's not easy for you to say no. You dance with her until you drop dead. Subsequently, she makes you immortal and forever hers. In the Slavic mythology, Myrtha a variation of Martha is an embodiment of a woman in the need of having her man only for herself and only forever. From a fiction-fantasy novel by V Alexander Stefan: Human race is now free;. It's bound to immortality. The truth and love are on their way; you and I are here to stay. The Cosmic dance has found its way; the Tree of Life is here to stay.

Very soon we'll all be free; we'll leave behind mortality. The Tree of Life is growing strong. Human race, please sing a song;. The song about the immortal tree; please, sing a song about you and me. Come on human race; come, walk with me. Pluripotent stem cells are laser cultured, using ultrashort wavelength, around 0. The laser created dopaminergic substantia nigra neurons can be, theoretically , laser transplanted, a higher focusing precision as compared to a syringe method , into the striatum or substantia nigra regions of the brain, or both. I propose a novel technique for a pluripotent stem cell generation.

Genomic exchange is stimulated by the beat-wave free electron laser, B-W FEL , frequency matching with the frequencies of the DNA [1] eigen-oscillations. The scanning and probing lasers: A variety of genetic-matching conditions can be arranged.

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Genomic glitches, the cell nucleus transfer [3] , can be hedged by the use of lasers. Crick, Nature , , Nature , , 06 October A novel plasma diagnostic method is proposed based on the synergy of stimulated Raman and Brillouin scatterings. A nonlinear plasma mode is excited in a 4-wave coupling, 1 leading to the appearance of suprathermal electrons and accelerated ions at the plasma edge 2 with the parameters directly dependent on the plasma parameters in the core of tokamak. Accordingly, plasma diagnostic in the core region, ion temperature , can be performed by the diagnostics of suprathermal electrons and accelerated ions at the edge plasma.

Alexander Stefan Film Studios [us]. Sexuality and the Consciousness of Time. Russia Is Looking at Me ] Rasputin: Thus Spoke Einstein on Life and Living. Russia is looking at me: Proton Beam Fast Ignition Fusion: The proton beam generation and focusing in fast ignition [1] inertial confinement fusion [2] is studied.

The spatial and energy spread of the proton beam generated in a laser-solid interaction is increased due to the synergy of Weibel and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. The energy spread decreases the beam deposition energy in the focal spot. Under these conditions, ignition of a precompressed DT fuel is achieved with the beam powers much higher than the values presently in consideration. Tabak et al, Phys.

Plasmas 1 5 , The "Third Horizon" and the World beyond the Campus.

I propose a novel mechanism for the brain cancer tissue treatment: The multiphoton scattering is described via photon diffusion equation. Alexander Stefan, Laser Neurophysics. Alexander Stefan, Genomic Medical Physics: I propose a laser burnt-through cone for the suppression, elimination , of plasma instabilities in fast ignition pellets. Weibel instabilities and filamentation of the REB.

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Nauk SSSR, 30, , The parametric excitation of two Gould-Trivelpiece modes with gyrotrons in electron cyclotron frequency [1] [2] domain is studied. The most powerful G-T modes counter propagate at the angle of 45 0 with respect to the toroidal magnetic field. This generates suprathermal electrons and dragged by them accelerated ions. Based on a weak parametric turbulence theory [4] the gyrotron dissipation rate is evaluated, showing strong bulk heating at the ITER center. Fusion 48, No 3 March Letters , 29 , Letters, 29, Abstract - Physics, International Conference.

April 19 - 21, , Seattle , Washington. The Conference is Supported by the U. Department of Energy, Fusion Science Office. Ukrainian Journal of Physics. Laser Neurophysics I propose a novel mechanism for laser-brain interaction: Recently, I have proposed a novel heuristic method for the deconfinement of quarks. Hereby, I propose TeV, a few s attosecond, photon beams in interaction with the nano-pellet. The Quark and the Jaguar: Stefan Editor , Physics and Society. Kendall, Viki , in: Springer, , pp. Street, La Jolla , CA Nonlinear interaction of the electron cyclotron X-Mode driver [1] with the ITER plasma leads to the dynamic rf plasma confinement in addition to the rf turbulent heating.

In the case of dynamic control of DTPM turbulence and for the heavily damped T-G modes, the energy confinement time scalings are evaluated.

Genomic Medical Physics Abstract - Physics. Genomic Medical Physics by V.

This is a novel method for the modification of the corrupted human DNA code that causes particular genetic disease. American Physical Society, March-Meeting Inertial Deconfinement of Quarks by V. Year Atchison I.

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Martin, Tsolakis Thomas F. Johnson Jr Charles S. Year Brandt D. Kroemer Herbert, Quantum Mechanics for Engineering: Year Harrington R. Year Bialynicki-Birula I. Year Kliger David S. Year Abragam Anatole, Time Reversal: An Autobiography , Oxford University Press Coupling single emitters to quantum plasmonic circuits. Single-molecule strong coupling at room temperature in plasmonic nanocavities. How to deal with the loss in plasmonics and metamaterials. Nanofocusing of electromagnetic radiation.

Modified spontaneous emission in nanophotonic structures. Ultrafast spontaneous emission source using plasmonic nanoantennas. Gap and channeled plasmons in tapered grooves: I Quantum plasmonic circuits. Phys Today ;61 5: All-plasmonic Mach—Zehnder modulator enabling optical high-speed communication at the microscale. Silica—gold bilayer-based transfer of focused ion beam-fabricated nanostructures. Hybrid graphene plasmonic waveguide modulators. Planar Photonics with Metasurfaces. Nat Rev Mater ;2: Plasmon-induced resonance energy transfer for solar energy conversion.

Plasmonics-turning loss into gain the optical losses associated with plasmonic materials could be used in applications. Non-classical correlations between single photons and phonons from a mechanical oscillator. Quantum Information Processing and Communication in Europe. Asger Mortensen et al.

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Recent breakthroughs in carrier depletion based silicon optical modulators by Reed, Graham T. Volume 6 Issue 6 Nov , pp. Volume 5 Issue 4 Oct , pp. Volume 4 Issue 4 Dec , pp. Volume 3 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 2 Issue Dec , pp. Volume 1 Issue Dec , pp. Fabricating waveguide Bragg gratings WBGs in bulk materials using ultrashort laser pulses Electrospinning for nano- to mesoscale photonic structures Electromagnetically induced transparency in optical microcavities Application of nanophotonics to the next generation of surface-emitting lasers Fundamentals and applications of SERS-based bioanalytical sensing Advances in antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation at the nanoscale Rare earth based nanostructured materials: Plasmonics for emerging quantum technologies.

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