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It was boring, and monotonous at times. I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn't my thing. To me the story line just didn't make sense. I felt like the actual plot could have been a lot better. Jul 14, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was kindly provided with a copy of Twisted Love by the author to read and review. Our road to love was bitter and sweet and faith had a tough journey for us. You fought hard and made life what you wanted it to be. First thing's first, this is book two of the Bitter Sweet Love series and personally I don't think would work to read this without having read Bitter Sweet Love first.

While I liked book one I never I was kindly provided with a copy of Twisted Love by the author to read and review. While I liked book one I never really loved it, things frustrated me and left me fuming with some of the awful choices that most of the characters made. But none the less I was absolutely determined to finish reading Lexi, Dylan and Luc's story even if just for a feeling of closure for myself.

But I've never been so glad to give a second book in a series a go when I haven't fallen head over heels in love with the first. This managed to fill in all the blanks, smooth over every frustration I ever held against the characters and passed by so quickly that I managed it all in one evening. When I originally saw the amount of pages to the book I held my breath a little, I wasn't sure that there was enough tale left to tell to be able to fill them all.

But somehow this just worked on almost every level, sometimes certain thoughts became a little repetitive but not enough to stop me from thoroughly enjoying each and every page. A constant and varied variety of drama, action and romance managed to keep this ticking along at a wonderful pace, I didn't even realised how much I'd read until I checked and was sixty pages away from the ending. I think to myself, remembering Ash quoting a psych book. Every difficulty I had with Lexi from the previous book were superbly tied up here. From her therapy sessions and her own musings it gave a much deeper insight in to her mind and hearing her explanations meant that I could finally understand and subsequently click with her.

Dylan and Luc were as wonderful as they were previously and the former even managed to make me see him as something other than a soulless monster. All the characters, not just our main three, come across as incredibly human. They're all fighting their own demons and each make their own fair share of mistakes as the book progresses, truly a book where no one is superior to anyone else. Lifting my hand he brought it to his mouth as his lips brushed my skin.

Tiny morsels of love sifting their way through my body by such little contact.

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I smiled, I cried and I looked at my own views on relationships while reading this. I love a story that can not just help you to escape for a few hours but that can resonate within you and challenge your personal views and experiences and possibly change the way your mind perceives your own past. This was a fun enjoyable book but with a fantastically dark and deep heart to it, it covers so many subjects and always with great care and sympathy. Reading this will really put your emotions through the ringer but I really do recommend giving it a go, I couldn't be more thrilled that I stuck with this series.

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There will be a third book in the series and I can't wait to get my mitts on it! Unfortunately for some of us that road to love is hard and bumpy but it just goes to show you that you should never give up. Jun 04, Jennifer Aldrich rated it liked it.

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The book opens with Lexi being taken to the hospital due to severe bleeding and injuries. This is due to the last scene of the first book in which Luc, her husband, beats her severely. Throughout this book, Lexi is overcoming her fears and past scars of abuse from both Luc and her mother. She is also learning to evaluate her feelings and make decisions based on that. The main plot of the story is that she is going to testify against Luc and his father, which of course puts her in danger. This book has a lot of repetitiveness from the first book with Lexis thoughts, which I guess is realistic since people often times think the same thoughts over and over, but it slowed the progress of the book down.

I really like how the author opened the book with a scene that made you wonder what was going on, then flashed back to a month before the incident. I think it gives you something to look forward to and piques your interest in what is going on. With the love triangle, you are wondering which man she is talking about in the snapshot of the future.

I also love how both she shows that both men love Lexi and are willing to do just about anything for her. Luc is the antihero that you are supposed to hate, but the author is creative and spins his story so that we can see that maybe the way he acts is not percent his fault. There is a specific scene near the end of the book that, in my eyes, helps show who he really is as a person. Dylan is just a saint in my opinion. In the book he alludes to past transgressions and mistakes, but any man willing to stay beside a woman with as many conflicting feelings as Lexi deserves a metal. He truly is the hero of the story.

Overall, I liked the basis of the story, but thought there was still too much fluff. Also, the repetitiveness was annoying at times so I rated this book a 3. Review for Seraphim Book Blog. Review is based solely on my opinions and does not reflect the opinions of everyone at Seraphim Book Blog This book was absolutely captivating from start to finish, and I couldn't put it down until I finished it very late last night. I admit that I did not read the first book in the series, but I easily could follow the story of Alexis, Dylan and Luc. Alexis is in her last year of law school, Dylan is in his residency program as a doctor, and Luc is The book takes place in Canada with Alexis haven been severely beaten, hospitalized for several days, and suffered a terrib This book was absolutely captivating from start to finish, and I couldn't put it down until I finished it very late last night.

The book takes place in Canada with Alexis haven been severely beaten, hospitalized for several days, and suffered a terrible loss. She returns home to her best friend and roommate, Anna, and starts therapy to overcome her abusive childhood and her current situation. Dylan is trying to win the love and trust of Lexie back, but is also harboring things from his past that he fears will have Alexis running, and Luc is trying to stay out of jail, hold onto Alexis, while trying to keep her safe from his family which I found a little ironic.

I don't want to even get started on Alexis' mother!!! I think that author does an amazing job by wrapping up the book by writing, "Fate had twisted our love but when true love was given to you, you didn't back down. What happened to Alexis' sister? I understand she want back to school, but after their phone conversation she wanted to reveal something to Alexis, and she's never heard from again.

Lexie's mother, the evil wrench, suddenly has an about face? Anna reveals something life altering from her past to Alexis over text? As riveting as this book was and as happy as I was to see it end the way it did, I will still baffled by some of the characters. I don't know if the author is going to continue the series or if she was just trying to wrap up the last book as best as she could.

Thank you to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Review copy provided by NetGalley 4 stars! I thought it wrapped up the story between Luc, Dylan, and Alexis well. The first book Bitter Sweet Love leaves you with quite the cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to dive into this to see how the rest of the story unfolds. It leaves us with Alexis in the hospital and she's in and out of consciousne http: It leaves us with Alexis in the hospital and she's in and out of consciousness.

Luc makes an appearance and is filled with regret. Dylan is there with her by her side and protecting her. You definitely get to know him more in this book and he's a good guy that really wants to do right. Dylan has a past he's hidden from, from himself and from Alexis but he realizes he needs to come clean to pursue and have a relationship with Alexis. As for Luc I was so conflicted That bothered me but again I was torn as well.

I just know I personally would never be able to look at the person let alone listen to excuses and be friends. Did Luc redeem himself? Ugh, that's really tough for me because I think some people may have thought so but what he did was horrific. As for Dylan I completely understand the demons he lived with.

The one thing that bothered me was the mother; I feel like she needed to repent more and was forgiven way too easy. I couldn't stand her and wanted to see karma come her way. Maybe I shouldn't say she was forgiven but I just think Alexis was way too easy on her. I would have loved a scene where she just tore into her. Or even had authorities talk to her and demand treatment, something I'm happy Alexis was finally able to see the worth in herself.

Jun 03, Jennifer Pierson rated it it was amazing. Twisted Love is a fantastic ending to the Twisted Series. You must read Bitter Sweet Love first to get the full effect of the intense love triangle between Alexis, Dylan, and Luc. The story starts right off where book 1 ended with Alexis in the hospital badly beaten from Luc's brutal attack. Not only is she physically traumatized but the emotional trauma has her shut down completely.

She's so busy blaming herself that she can't even speak. Her baggage is a mountain of regret so she's more con WOW! Her baggage is a mountain of regret so she's more convinced than ever that she will never be good enough for Dylan. Dylan is done leaving Alexis alone. He assures her that will prove to her that he's never leaving her again. Dylan, however, had his own set of baggage he's carrying around. The one thing he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, is that he and Alexis are supposed to be together. Luc is the third tortured soul. He has done some very bad stuff for his mobster family and its torn him up.

The demons he carries has him drinking too much and with the added drugs in the mix, he doesn't even remember beating Alexis up.

He's trying to get himself out of the family business with everyone alive. It started out explosive and ended with a bang. The emotions of the characters were very realistic for me, to the point where I wanted to choke them out at one time or another. I seriously hated Luc at the beginning but came to view him in a different light by the end of book.

I loved all of them so much! Stephens wrote a freaking brilliant story of redemption. Her amazing style of writing of her characters showed that everything is not always black or white. She had me guessing until the very end. My emotions are still all over the place which is why I wish I could rate this story more than 5 Stars for it deserves it. Although it was an ending, I really hope I get to see more of these characters in the future! May 26, Lorrie rated it it was amazing. Too many times authors write an amazing book one only to be followed by a poorly done book two.

This was so not the case. C Stephens has outdone herself in TL. TL beings where Bitter Sweet Love leaves off and we very quickly learn the fate of our three characters. It takes talent for an auth With a cliff hanger like we were left with in Bitter Sweet Love, I was both looking forward to reading Twisted Love TL and a little nervous. It takes talent for an author to submerge a reader so far into a story that she can cause emotional pain and hurt through her writing.

All three characters are developed so well in this book. Lexi, Dylan, and yes even Luc now hold a little piece of my heart. Lexi really seems to come into her own and I was so happy to see her be the strong women she always had the potential of being. I actually like him. The pace is fast moving, there is a lot going on and the story line is full of all kinds of twists and turns. If you like angsty emotional reads this series is for YOU!!!. With that said, all I can tell you is I truly love this series and this author! OMG so if that cliffy left you heartbroken the beginning of this book won't heal you Again I went back and forth with the rating , it is another busy book and the timeline , even though marked in the beginning , kind of threw me off.

He was an amazing man and then he was horribly ruined by his own life, I honestly do love him after reading this book but I think for many getting into his head and feeling his pai OMG so if that cliffy left you heartbroken the beginning of this book won't heal you He was an amazing man and then he was horribly ruined by his own life, I honestly do love him after reading this book but I think for many getting into his head and feeling his pain and anger would have been ideal!! Maybe that is what we get in book 3?? Alexis is deeply wounded physical , emotionally and all around.

Who is safe , what does she want , so many questions and so much to try and piece back together. Her marriage to Luc , her life with Dylan , the relationship with her family , school , work and of course Anna. Dylan once again is a life saver. He guides her gently and is there every step of the way. Alexis has long since realized their love is inevitable but her marriage to Luc is going to require a few things before she can be free, These things make for the impossible drama during this part of the story.

Luc's family is dangerous and despite him wanting nothing to do with them they have control of him through Alexis. Join the roller coaster ride and see who Alexis chooses and where her life is going to go. Far too many ways for this book to be spoiled so I apologize for the vague review!! Just read it and see for yourself!!

You know if you finished book 1 you HAVE to see where it goes!! I am curious to see what book 3 is about?? Oct 07, Angelnet rated it really liked it Shelves: This is book two in the Twisted Love series and you really need to have read book one before you even go near this one. Twisted Love begins at the cliffhanger ending of the first book. Luc, the mafia husband of Lexi, has beaten her to a pulp and she is fighting for her life. Perhaps being in a three day coma has made Lexi more palatable but This is book two in the Twisted Love series and you really need to have read book one before you even go near this one.

Perhaps being in a three day coma has made Lexi more palatable but she seems to have grown up considerably between the two books. She is now acutely aware of the physical danger that she is in and seems to be more capable of trying to deal with her emotional baggage as well. It is quite a fast paced book and the triangle with Dylan, Luc and Lexi seems a bit more believable this time round.

It was quite a hard book to put down once I got into it and I really liked the way that the therapy impacted on Lexi and her choices. There is good story resolution by the end of the book and enough loose ends that one of the characters can be progressed in book three. Supplied by Net Galley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jul 27, Avephoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: Twisted Love by R. C Stephens is the second installment in the Twisted Series.

This installment is absolutely amazing, and like I said before, difficult to put down. This is Alexis and Dylan POV, and is one fill with emoting, strength and determination to keep going forward. This will be it for them. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review. Oct 20, Katie Battaglia rated it really liked it. Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book! Twisted Love picks up where book one of this series left off.

One week after Alexis was left for dead, bad news just doesn't seem to stop coming. She has lost so much, but throughout this story she will gain so much more. But will she be able to move on from her past? Or will it always be just around the corner to haunt her? I really enjoyed the second book of the series. There were a few things in the first book that bothered me w Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book!

There were a few things in the first book that bothered me while reading, but I can't think of a single one from this book. I thought it was written much better than the first. I loved the way the characters developed from book one to book two. I loved the ending and felt that it wrapped up nicely, maybe a little rushed though. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. I would also love to read a story based on some of the other side characters in the book. Overall this series was a pleasant surprise and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read it!

I definitely recommend to others! May 31, Sydnee Walsh rated it it was amazing. This book was a great ending to this twisted love story. The was she had two loves, her first and her understood. The two men of her life are both right for her. The only problem is the mob life of the new love. The mob is bad enough when your in it but to try and get out, next to impossible. The love of her life is bad and wants forever. Is she up to this, is this the best choice for her? This story really brings all the real life issues to this story.

The love the lose the heart break. Lexi had This book was a great ending to this twisted love story. Lexi had some real hard choices to make. The fact she has to make them fast doesn't help. Dylan is her world, the baby that is his. Then there is Luc who is her kinder soul, they had like childhoods.

The choice she males is great, she just needs to jump all the way onto her choice. Her sister Ash and her best friend in the world Anna will help her. They are just the voice she needs to get her head on, to get her heart to really start talking. Nov 02, Linda Field rated it really liked it. This book starts where Bittersweet Love finished. We get it in points of view from Lexi and Dylan. Poor Lexi is really going through the mill. She loves both Luc and Dylan but both these men have hurt her badly in one way or the other. There is lots that happen in this book, and it is a bit difficult to keep up with everything.

You will love both Dylan and Luc but hate them at the same time.

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Janice Greenlee is the author of Love Twisted In Time ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Marque of Seduction ( avg rating, 0 rat. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ray and Deb began writing together in . They met in . Twisted in Time is a non stop tumultuous love affair with the characters Grant and Ginger. An Absolute page turner that keeps you moving with.

Lexi really does deal with a lot especially in this story I personally thought it was a bit to much stuff for her to deal with though. All in all it was a great conclusion to Lexi and Dylan's story. Now I wonder if book three is Luc's concluding story looking forward to reading it. Nov 11, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: Okay so let me say you probably should read the first book before you read this one. I did not and was a bit lost but quickly figured it out.

Lexi, Luc, and Dylan have a love triangle. I'm not a fan of these because I'm gonna say it gets old. Lexi is recovering from everything that went down with Luc and reevaluating her life thinking everything she has done and has been done to her is all her fault.

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Alice goes to Hell: Witch Hunter - D. Swan Song - Jess Haines Jak the Giant Healer - Rebekah Ganiere The Huntress and the Frog - Louisa Bacio Breathe Stories included in this anthology are: Breathe Me to Life - Jolanthe Aleksander Severed Hearts - Elizabeth Raven I've not started reading this book yet I'll update this review when I do but I know I usually like to know what stories are included in an anthology before buying so I thought some people might find that list useful. I'm assuming that Gina Kincade is just the editor as she doesn't actually have a story in here either.

May 09, Crystal rated it it was amazing. So many great authors all in one place with a new take on some wonderful fairy tales. Evan and Walker are different in many ways, but they are still the best of friends. Becca is the girl they both crushed on through high school and much to their surprise she shows up back in town one night.

There is a silly drunken bet placed on who has the easier job, and a lot of sweet heat! I wouldn't mind So many great authors all in one place with a new take on some wonderful fairy tales. I wouldn't mind trading places with Becca. Jak the Giant Healer - Rebekah R. Ganiere - Jak's father has never been the greatest, but he just crossed a line. Jak heads out to visit her friend and is kidnapped on her way home. Stefan is heir to his father's throne He also needs to find a way to save not only his father, but his people as well.

I just adore this story Jack and the beanstalk was never one of my favorites but this has totally changed my mind. Jak is wonderful and loving. I hope that we get to see more of her and her new family in the future as well as Olivia. May 08, Donna rated it it was amazing. Fairy tales never get old.

This collection envelopes a vast array of stories and ideas that I absolutely loved and will read again and again. Here are my thoughts on a few of the tales. Breathe me to life by Jolanthe Aleksander A complicated love story. What are you willing to do for true love? A story that will keep you thinking long after Fairy tales never get old. A story that will keep you thinking long after its done. New Orleans is as much a character as any of the others. I got a total kick out of this story. Twelve by Savannah Verte A modern twisted take on the 12 Princes.

This story made me a little sad. Oh what tangled webs we weave. Fairy tale erotica What none of the reviewers prior to me, nor in the book description, tell you that this is fairy tale and fantasy erotica. Some of it is quite good, some ok, but it's all there - 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 7 on 1, BDSM.

Thank god this was not a hard back my 11 year old would grab with glee after seeing Fairy Tale in the title. I can't even imagine what that conversation would look like. But only 3 stars, points off for not providing disclosure, and because many of the tales seemed to be selected for the erotica rather than the story quality. Don't buy this book for any friends without being fully aware of what you are gifting. But when Red runs from her fate, she is rescued by an unlikely hero.

A hero that is just as lost as Red, and together they begin a journey of discovery… Tara Vasser has written a take on the Little Red Riding Hood story that was verra hawt and great fun to read! Highly recommend and look forward to reading more! May 02, Melanie Hawkins rated it it was amazing. Wonderful Collection There are many great authors in this collection and as I read thru I will add my review to each story. Edge of Seat, still catching my breath It's been a long time since I read a book out of my normal genre, but it was excellent. I wouldn't run right thru and call it a horror, but more along the lines of a thriller.

Although some people see them along the same lines, I see a slight difference. When I first started reading this book I did Wonderful Collection There are many great authors in this collection and as I read thru I will add my review to each story. When I first started reading this book I didn't know what to expect. A friend of mine said read this please and I read it. What I got was shock, edge of my seat, butterflies still in my stomach feeling. I loved the story. What would you be willing to do for love, is what I would say and the lengths that a man would go are terrible for the ones involved.

You can feel all the emotions flowing off the pages, Love, hate, death, worry, scared, and most of all fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what you have been doing, fear of losing yourself to the madness. All in all this was a wonderful, terrifying story and you will love it. May 07, Casey Leigh rated it it was amazing. Bound to be a fantastic alternative perspective to many well known fairytales going by Twelve by Savannah Verte.

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Twelve is a quirky twisted tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - raised in an unconventional manner, these strong princesses take their destined fates into their own hands and life their lives how they want. Family can be a strange concept to many - loyalty and honesty vie against duty and power. This story of Twelve is a daring look at what a family can be. More reviews to come May 18, Jennifer Zamora rated it really liked it. I have begun with Twelve by Savannah Verte.

And so far I am enjoying this anthology. Twelve is a really sad story with a cute ending. The story begins with a young boy who loses his parents. Then one day he is informed he too must take a wife and make an heir. I found this part hilarious to be honest. Then after 11 tries and 3 wives in he finally has an heir.

But he doesnt know it. And is not able to handle life the way it is. The twist is part of what made this little story endeari I have begun with Twelve by Savannah Verte. The twist is part of what made this little story endearing. May 07, Andrea Stewart rated it it was amazing. This story had everything that a great story should! The instant connection between Kellan and Ailsa was undeniable, just like the hate from Devany was!

This is one story that I wish was longer, it ended to quickly! May 08, Emily Dickson rated it it was amazing. Great selection of fairy tales told in a whole different way. Red by Tara was a great read. Red was turned into a vampire and was pretty much being made to marry an evil vampire but ends up escaping.

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The big bad wolf in this story was a help in this. Lots of action and some steam! I look forward to reading the second part as there were many interesting things that developed within this story. May 07, Dmcl rated it it was amazing. I look forward to reading more. May 07, Tamye Whitener rated it really liked it Shelves: Twelve by Savannah Verte This was the strangest story. I didn't like the male lead, and the wives were very two dimensional.

This being said, I'm glad I read through until the end because that's where it all comes together. Your prize for reading all the way through it one twisted, yet satisfyingly ironic ending. Apr 30, Leah rated it really liked it. Red Part 1 is a unique and twisted tale of Red Riding Hood as a vampire. After uncovering some of the secrets, she meets a werewolf who helps start to uncover the power she possesses. A quick and steamy read unlike any fairy tale retelling I have read before. May 13, Christina Williams rated it it was amazing. This is filled with little unique stories twisted from old fairy-tales.

I bought this book mainly for Lori King's story.