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I may convert it into a paperback this year, but its rather on the large side at k. Jan 25, , 1: Drachar's Demons is available to win at http: All you have to do is either a suggest an interview question or b create a character for a side plot I am writing. A sample chapter is available to help generate ideas.

You could suggets a brother or sister to one of the main characters - or a new fantasy creature perhaps. Give it a go and perhaps you'll win. There are 3 books to win. Jan 27, , Melanie's Guide to Men http: So, Sara sets out in search of a new man for Melanie, while simultaneously slaving away at their place of employment.

She runs into Brady, a fellow coworker, at a bar one evening and realizes he is the perfect man for Melanie. But, complicating matters is the fact that Melanie is not attracted to Brady, and Sara is fast becoming attracted to him. Will Sara be able to stick to the plan and help her best friend, Melanie, find true love? Feb 23, , 4: I'm excited to announce that I'm the featured author on SpecFicPick today, a community of speculative fiction fans and authors. I've been one of their blog followers for a long time and have checked out and purchased past feature books, so it's an unbelievable honor to find myself in their spotlight.

If you're unfamiliar with Michael Rose and his fabulous fans, I invite you to check them out. And while you're there, discover what future releases you can expect from that crazy Kimberly K. Mar 1, , 9: The Kindle edition of Castaway on Temurlone is available for free download from Amazon on March 2nd and 3rd.

It's a rousing space opera and a fun read, if I say so myself. Mar 2, , Mar 2, , 5: Green County, West Virginia, a prosperous region of coal miners and career criminals. Cornerstone, the county capital and a constantly changing world of dirty dealings and backroom agreements, is ruled by the strong and the corrupt. Not far from the sprawling metropolis is the small town of Welson, a breeding ground for Green County's most prolific outlaws and native stomping grounds of the Davis clan. A shining example of rebellious pride and outlaw attitudes.

Follow Trey Davis, the favorite son and grandson in a family oriented around the young, as he is faced with the family business. Will this man of endless sorrow triumph against the odds or will he succumb to his family's darkened past, losing himself to the seething criminal underground? This is my first published piece and as a young writer am looking for any sort of input or aid in publicizing this and other works. Thank you for reading, Brandon J. Mar 3, , Free all this week - heroic fantasy about a girl becoming a legendary warrior.

Mar 7, , 1: This book is the result of 4 years of research and has more than citations , ranging from insider memoirs to the accounts of journalists, former government officials, policy wonks, military leaders, and news broadcasters. I would appreciate, though, more reviews Otherwise, I will gift the book to you, if I have your email.

I hope you will find it interesting, read it and write a legitimate review that is not biased by political opinions; if you do not like the book, a no review is better than a bad review… ;- As you may know, one doesn't need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle eBooks. Using free apps, which one can download at http: You can post your review at: I know a lot about Kindle publishing and would be happy to direct you to information to return the favor of writing a review Mar 7, , 2: Now I realize that my book topic is not as exciting as an edge-of-your-seat mystery or as emotionally charged as a hot and heavy romance novel but I write what I am knowledgeable about and have an interest in, as do most authors.

My true passion is children's picture books and my first one is expected to be released in May of However, those take much more time and designing than a Kindle book so I wrote this one first. I am doing pretty well with it so far, especially for it to only be in digital format at this time. I would greatly appreciate more reviews though.

My book is a quick read that incorporates humor, a well-flowing writing style, and a "just the fact ma'am" approach to the topic of potty training. It can be found here http: I am an avid reader as well so I am constantly on here finding books to read and review for others. Mar 12, , No graphic violence, just atmospheric and mysterious elements with supernatural events. Dreams are deep shadows between reality and illusion. In the haunted Abasteron House, artist Kip Livingston dreams of a mysterious winged being, all bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged out.

Until one night when her dreams break through the illusion and the nightmares become reality. On Horn Island, inside Abasteron House Rich characters, psychological undertones, romance, and murder make this little supernatural thriller a fast-paced read. Ebook for Kindle available on Amazon: Mar 13, , 4: HEY Everybody, Hope everybody's having a great day!

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I'm Evi, wife, mother and experienced ghostwriter. After years of seeing books that I'd written soaring to the top, while I remained in the background, I have published my very own ebook. Sweet Surrender shares a romantic story about trust, finding love and overcoming the obstacles of low self-esteem.


Amazon US - http: Given the opportunity to change the history of her people and return their stolen sovereignty, what will she do? As an avid reader, with or without Oprah, I tend to think that we REAL readers - those of us whose shelves are stacked with books we plan to read someday, who never go anyway without a book on their person, who get more from a good find at a used bookstore than most women get from buying a new pair of shoes - will barely take note of her show's passing. Now 35, she's since published two poetry collections and a written a memoir, The Long Goodbye , about the death of her year-old mother from cancer. Sandy Myers, rushing from home with her 7 year-old twins in tow, grabs a letter from the mailbox. Official website for An Invisible Thread:

It focuses on how our society can ostracize women because of our stereotypes of what beauty is. The story revolves around Bella, a plus sized woman faced with much criticism because of her weight. It is refreshingly delightful and even more importantly it has a powerful message. I invite you to get a copy on amazon kindle, at only. You can also follow me on twitter Evita Patton I'm also very open to suggestions and advice from readers and other writers and so you can reach me on hfreelancewriting gmail.

Mar 13, , 8: Grab a Free Copy of my Short Novel. Mar 16, , 4: Here is the scoop on my book, the comic cozy Heavy Mental: Comic Mystery Link to Book: A few curse words, some drinking and toking, brief violence, but nothing graphic. When she gets a new case involving a stolen necklace, Clancy's thrilled at the prospect of easy money. The job turns out to be anything but. Soon enough, Clancy must dodge threats from disgruntled secretaries, unhinged society matrons and rampaging ice cream trucks.

Eventually, Clancy must rely on all of her contacts— her stoner bandmates, her Socialist landlord, and her yoga-loving, flask-toting mother—to stop the thief from turning into a killer. Apr 5, , 8: Haunted by the tragic loss of his wife and young daughter, reclusive ex-cop, Sam Carlisle, is offered a job working for wealthy businessman, Carl Renshaw.

An opportunity to move on and make a fresh start. But when Carl is murdered, the police suspect Sam is responsible, forcing him to hunt down the real killer himself. Only someone is determined to stop Sam Carlisle finding out the truth Mar 29, , 2: Already it has its first five star review and is in the top one hundred in a couple of categories - so I'm really pleased.

You can check it out at: Or in paperback at: Please take a look and let me know what you think. Mar 29, , 4: Hi Everyone - I've just started to actively promote my book, Scorpio Love, which is on sale at Amazon in both a Kindle and a paperback version. It's received 3 5-star reviews so far not from anyone that I know and I'm very happy because the story is a very personal one. Here's the description of the book that appears on my website http: Susan, a disillusioned attorney living in Hawaii, purchases a crystal globe mounted on a stand resembling the claw of an Eagle after a mysterious woman correctly identifies her as a Scorpio and informs her that she is an Eagle.

Dreams play a very important role in the life of an Eagle. Susan takes the crystal globe and Eagle's claw mount home and places them on her bedside table. Not long afterwards, the dreams begin—dreams that eventually compel her to travel thousands of miles to Los Angeles to save the life of a stranger. He is a rising Hollywood star — handsome, magnetic, ambitious, and driven — who has achieved success by always putting his needs and goals first in his life. He is not in search of a serious relationship; she believes in true love but has no real hope of finding what she's looking for.

Yet when her dreams force their paths to cross, they discover in each other that part of themselves that they have always felt was missing. They bond at the level of their souls but a devastating accident threatens to break that bond. Operating on pure instinct and driven by her undying love, she takes the lead and shows him the way of the Eagle.

Despite the title and how the story begins, this is not a book about astrology. It is a story about love - real love. Here's the link to the Kindle version where people can read the first couple of chapters for free: Thanks for this opportunity to share. Wish I knew how to insert a picture of my cover. Mar 30, , 4: YA memoir - Author's age 5 to 28 -- Amazon March , title: Apr 3, , Once you have opened the gates of hell, there is no return. All Rachel Blackstone wants is to talk with her father; solve the mystery of how he died.

Using a Native American ceremony given to her by a shaman, she summons him in this contemporary paranormal fantasy. Instead, a soul intent on revenge slips through and threatens people she loves. Now the Santa Fe, New Mexico reporter must follow the evil spirit, uncover its purpose and send it back. The shape-shifter has horrific powers. Rachel is tormented by what she has unleashed.

Some are helpful; others lead her away from the truth. One spirit, a lone wolf, seems to have an uncertain allegiance. What she, and friend Chloe, uncover is an earthly scam involving both the quick and the dead. Rachel must play a dangerous game of supernatural treasure hunt to stop the ruthless ghost.

To survive, she must discover her own powers during a climatic storm of earth, wind and fire. To fail is to die. Apr 4, , 6: The second novel of epic female warrior Rose is out now. Years are only one way to age in this tale of a young warrior whose army-slaying sword belies her kind heart. One of the greatest fighters in the world, nearly indestructible Rose lets few things strike fear into her—but magic is one of them.

Nonetheless, she seeks out the magical dangers left by the ancients alongside warrior partner Finn and curious scholar Derrick in order to protect others from them. Their mission is complicated by Rose and Finn's budding romance, as her choice of lifestyle conflicts with his expectations for the woman he loves. But after their quest pits against such titanic foes as a prince able to slay a thousand men in a day and a draconic archmage, will Rose be forced to embrace the very magic she fears?

Apr 7, , It's a book based on the duplicates paradox exemplified by the Star Trek transporter - in short, is the person who arrives at the other end of the transporter the same person who left at the first point? Or does the machine actually kill one person and create another - a duplicate.

Once there was a man named Anders Voss. He was a criminal. A man caught and sentenced to a lifetime in jail. And a man given a single chance to escape his sentence. They would take him, train him, and send him to the stars. And they did just that. They didn't tell him that the transport would kill him. That he would die on Earth and another innocent man would be born on an alien planet. A man with his memories and his body, built from his remains. A man who would be born out of death, with its fingers gripped firmly around his soul.

With his body damaged from the process, sickness stalking him, and death due to claim him soon. But they also didn't tell him that they would send him to a world where there were aliens. Feel free to take a looksee at it - I'm particularly pleased with the way the cover came out - and as always I welcome feedback.

Apr 12, , 3: Pass the news on to friends and anyone you know who might be interested in a rollicking adventure on the high seas! Apr 13, , 7: I am soooo excited! I self-published my first book in January and have made a little money on it so far but this weekend decided to run my first promotion. This is so awesome! I know I'm not making money on my book at this moment but to know that it is in almost hands so far is a great feeling.

Apr 14, , 2: A Literary Map of Colorado is a project that I recently published. It provides the average reader with a manageable list of books on Colorado's cowboy culture, mining, mountains, national parks, Native American history, railroads, ranching, rivers, and tragedies of brave women and pathfinding men of the state of Colorado. It includes some classic and some quirky, some historical and some contemporary. This map is intended to be suggestive not comprehensive.

The complete map contains: Apr 15, , I don't remember if I've posted here before, but I'll leave you with this: As part of its marketing campaign, I have designed a 3D miniature display of the university. Pictures can be seen here: Apr 18, , 2: Apr 19, , Free today and this weekend. A heroic fantasy tale featuring the indestructible female warrior known as the Iron Flower.

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Legendary warrior Rose thought she could get at least some rest playing bodyguard for her merchant friend Alex. But when they inadvertently revive an ancient hero and learn of an apocalyptic prophecy, Rose must travel to a haunted kingdom to battle a nation-killing demon and stop the event known as the Disaster. Apr 20, , 4: Why I Hate Romance http: Best of all, it's free!

And worth every penny, if I do say so myself. Jun 8, , My first book, Let's Meet the Gickens is a middle grade chapter book. Learn about the Gickens who are only 12 inches tall and how they have learned to get along with the big people- which they have always been told to stay away from.

It is available on Amazon. The 2nd book in this series-The Gickens Resolution should be out in less than a month. It tells the story of why they are afriad of the big people, and how the teen Gicken boys are trying to become modernized. The Gickens Resolution is now out and available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

May 19, , Winning the Game of Thrones: The Host of Characters and their Agendas Free today through the 23rd! What do trout or golden roses symbolize? Is the show a feminist success or a male playground?

This book answers all these and more, revealing the enigmas and surprises hidden deep within the series. In paperback and ebook on Amazon now! May 20, , I'm excited to share with you all my debut romance novella, The Best Man. The Best Man is available now at Amazon. Beth Chase is too busy planning perfect weddings to worry about the lack of action in her own love life.

Snarky, sexy and more than a little inebriated, Colin is the final obstacle between Beth and the last perfect wedding she needs to make partner. The story follows a typical mining family of the time, during a period when rationing was in place in Scotland and people made do with what they had. A brighter future beckoned when the Australian government created the 'Populate or Perish' campaign which saw many Scots take up the offer of assisted passage to live and work in Australia.

May 28, , Check it out here I …Imagine the Universe… I Imagine that the universe is not just a mass of swirling gases, blazing stars and giant spheres of rock. Instead, see the Galaxy as a massive living entity, with its own consciousness. The Galaxy wants to see its children grow and become as strong and as wise as they can be, but it also wants to determine which race is its favourite offspring and give it pride of place. This is the story of our Galaxy and how the beings that came to exist in it were created, how they discovered each other and how eventually one race gains Dominion.

For in the world ended, atomic fire swept across the globe and Humanity almost caused its own destruction. Those that remained were suddenly united by a common goal, to survive on their ruined planet long enough, to find a new home out amongst the stars. Upon the dying world, four characters tell the story of Humanities plight. A warrior, a scientist, a little girl and the evil ever-living Emperor. And the saga is only just beginning. Priceless Stones Hello All! I am pleased to announce the publication of my brand new Hebrew-based devotional entitled Priceless Stones, published by CrossLink Publishing, released on February 19th, The culmination of over two years of intensive study, Priceless Stones beautifully merges the best of two worlds—academic scholarship and gut-level practicality.

Citing two-hundred forty endnotes drawn from over fifty academic sources, Priceless Stones carries textbook-level credibility and invites the reader to pursue further research. At the same time, the language of Priceless Stones remains easily accessible to a wide spectrum of readers of all backgrounds. Uncommonly transparent, each page of Priceless Stones throws a window wide open into my life—incorporating into the narrative my personal successes as well as my failures.

Each daily message highlights one Old Testament verse or brief passage and focuses on one or more key words from the text of the Hebrew—the language in which the Old Testament was originally written. While drawing from Old Testament Scriptures, Priceless Stones is written through the prism of New Testament Christianity and the finished work of redemption which was accomplished through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each daily encouragement is reinforced by a concluding declaration and prayer. As an added bonus, appendices at the end of the book include a Scripture index and both Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew glossaries. Prior to publication, Priceless Stones had already proven to be ideal for both individual and group study. Far from having a dogmatic tone, it is an encouraging volume, absolutely brimming over with a level of inspiration which lifts the reader above his or her present circumstances. It is my passion to invite the reader to not only be acquainted with, but to personally experience, the amazing, incomprehensible, boundless love of God and to radically encounter Him on a deeply intimate level to such an extent that the reader is never the same again.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and numerous other bookseller websites in paperback, Kindle and Nook formats. May 29, , 7: Find out more at www. May 29, , 9: The stories contain sarcasm, humour and insolent honesty. If you have a blog and would like to write a review for the Second Edition of Singapore Sucks! You can send me an email at singacrew2 at gmail dot com. Reviewers will receive a free copy of Singapore Sucks!. I will need a postal address in order to mail the book to you. I only have a dozen complimentary copies left.

May 29, , 5: She's seeing dead people; which frankly give her the creeps. If you enjoy "Reluctant Medium," please consider writing a short review. May 31, , 9: Free through June 4th - Lighthearted but violent fantasy action with one butt-kicking heroine. After winning her spot from a seven foot kickboxer, goth singer and self styled Gothic warrior Freya enters an evil billionaire's underground fighting tournament. She finds herself right at home battling aristocrats, sumos, thugs, ninjas and psycho killers for the title of "greatest in the world.

Jun 14, , 7: First book in Rebel series. Young adult, science fiction, dystopia. The Rebel Within In a nutshell: In a world without men, a rebellious adopted teen girl must choose between joining the elite military unit that took her parents or being torn from her beloved sister and adoptive mom. What will Annabelle risk to help boys escape the federal roundup while hunting for her birth mother and protecting her adopted family? Jun 15, , 7: Atlantic City Nazi by Charles Frankhauser; no links needed with a search by title or author name on Amazon.

Also, two other works free today as well. Hope you will take a look. Jun 17, , 4: Iron Bloom is now on sale! Grab it at any of these links: Amazon US - http: Jun 20, , Newton was a brilliant visionary and a little weird. He knew the time would come when the Earth experienced apocalyptic destruction; it has happened before and Newton knows the Earth is a risky place to live. Fortunately, he had a plan to help the survivors as much as possible and ensure the continuation of civilization after the apocalyptic events. Cynthia Nelson was a college student when she started working for Newton; she never dreamt she would live to see apocalyptic destruction; but she did.

As it approached, she was determined to save her brother, his ex-wife, and their five sons from certain death. Mike and Amy Williams were caught unawares. Mike managed a grocery store. Amy worked as a dental hygienist. Mike fell victim to the relentless search for food as people crossed the country like Army ants. Mike and Amy knew they must escape to save their children from the inevitable crush of frantic, selfish people.

They had to find a safe haven, but they did not expect to get the help they received. As a few reviewers have noted, "no zombies. Thanks for your time. Jun 21, , 7: Jun 25, , My eBook is out. Will the killing ever end? So I went there and met as many people as possible, from defected Generals and senior members of the rebel opposition, including members of Jabhat al Nusra. I'm particularly interested in the reasons why many in the international community have no interest in seeing this conflict come to an end any time soon.

It is quite hard hitting in places and hopefully thought provoking, you also find information you won't find in the media. Like many others, I also had very little experience with Islam before I went to Syria so I also looked into the role of Islam in what is happening along with the dangers of religious extremism in this conflict. If you enjoy having a personal insight into different cultures and understanding why Syria is in such a mess then my book is for you. Jul 5, , 1: Available in paperback and e-book.

Amazon Author Page http: Jul 6, , 3: Massive sale of the Iron Flower series through July! This series is centered around a female epic warrior in the vein of Beowulf kicking copious amounts of butt. Jul 6, , 8: My ten books I want review for are listed below for your consideration: How to navigate into success and significance.

How to pray when you can't pray. How to activate the miracles in your spirit. How to discover your divine destiny and total breakthroughs. Exploit the truth and purge yourself in the faith. How to break the yoke of life: Finding your way to freedom, health, wealth and fulfillment. How to solve your problems through your destiny. The roadmap to your destiny How to break into your destiny and solve stubborn problems How to make heaven: Please, let me know if you would be able to assist me in this regard and how soon they will be posted on my book pages.

Then I send the digital to you. There is no obligation, of course. Jul 8, , 5: When is a person not really a person? Zeb Johnston is a man who becomes obsessed with answering that question. Set in a future where human cloning has become an industry that feeds fantasies of violence and sex for those rich enough to pay, Palingenesis focuses on a wealthy businessman, Zeb Johnston, who enjoys hunting clones in simulation decks. When one of those clones shows human abilities he isn't supposed to have, Zeb becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about the clones he has hunted. Meanwhile, he begins to be haunted by strange dreams of the mentally challenged brother he abandoned when he began his climb up the corporate ladder.

After Zeb escapes with a clone he was supposed to hunt to the death, he is forced to seek the aid of his ex-wife, a human rights crusader, as he runs from corporate hired guns. Along the way he falls in love with a cloning bio-engineer who seeks the clone Zeb has helped to escape. As he sorts out his feelings about his past, the woman he loves, and his future, Zeb has to come to terms with what it really means to be human.

Here are some links to Palingenesis: Smashwords Amazon Apple Also, check out my blog at: I am confident you will enjoy it. Jul 9, , I have a newly self-published Christian fiction eBook currently on promotion at http: Five years later, an act of Congress unilaterally annexed the islands. At the time, President Cleveland admitted mistakes were made, but he failed in his efforts to restore the Hawaiian Monarchy. A hundred years later, President Clinton formally apologized for the United States' actions. Yet Hawaiian pleas for justice are still unresolved.

Now, two genetic engineers have found a way to force the United States to give back the islands, and they've given notice that all non-Hawaiians must get out or die. Sarah Kiley is one of a few thousand pure-blooded Hawaiians who stand to inherit Hawaii under the scientists' plan.

While investigating the murder of a friend, she finds herself a key player on the inter-agency task force that's trying to stop them. Given the opportunity to change the history of her people and return their stolen sovereignty, what will she do? Jul 9, , 2: It will be free for Kindle users on July 17 and Download your copy at http: And it would help a lot if you would post a review and share this information with your friends.

Thanks to you all. Jul 14, , 5: Since Ellen started this thread with an inquiry re if I wanted to share my work with the reading universe, I am replying in the affirmative with a novel written for the writers' universe. Writers with works that have never been placed in an agent's or publisher's slush pile will not understand this novel. However, if any writer has experienced the rejection of a query letter then I wrote this work for you. The work contains a wealth of information re the publishing industry unknown to some; for example, the prologue traces the origins of publishing as presented by the protagonist, Buster Scooper.

He shares his secrets of how to meet women, and includes his efforts in founding a literary agency. Well, here's a short link that hopefully will work for you. Jul 15, , 1: Here's the book description from Amazon. A hundred years later, President Clinton formally apologized for the actions of the United States. Yet today, Hawaiian pleas for justice are still unresolved. Given the opportunity to change the history of her people and return their stolen sovereignty, she must decide which side will win. Don't have a kindle? Download the apps here: The Islands had fallen into British possession when a British sea captain, acting on his own authority, seized them in the name of Great Britain some five months earlier.

Jul 15, , 5: The Beautiful Scientist Are science and faith antithetic? Are the new discoveries in science making faith in God totter? Or can science be the basis for strong faith and the belief in a Creator? The Beautiful Scientist takes an interesting look at science and faith, and how the two can work together to prove there is a Creator. Corrado Ghinamo believes it is the very existence of the universe that allows people to see there is a super-entity, there is a God.

He uses scientific evidence, like the Big Bang Theory, the smallest particles of the universe, the galaxies, and what he calls the Super-Force to prove just that—God does exist. Creation and evolution are not two separate ideals; rather evolution is one of the means that God used and still uses in creating and governing the universe.

The same goes for people of faith; there is scientific evidence that can further the existence of a Creator. A Spiritual Approach to Science uses easy-to-understand language, examples from everyday life, and an easy-to-follow structure to prove that the universe, far more beautiful and complex than people can imagine, was in fact created by God, and that evidence and rationality in science can lead to the belief in God. Hey guys, I am new to the group. I am looking for a place to promote my work and get feedback. Recently I have released a Romance book called Covert Existence.

Check it out and tell me what you think about it. What do you do when you have committed the ultimate no-no? You keep the secret as long as you can. Charlie Montgomery has kept her child a secret for six years. Reece Morgan wanted it all: But all that is taken away from him in a night. The woman he thought was his future just abandoned him http: Jul 16, , 6: Hi all, I'm a first-time fiction novelist, though I've been published before in non-fiction. I'm here to share my recently launched paranormal thriller "Aymaran Shadow".

Here are some fast facts: The chilling story of a woman destined to be violated. The book currently enjoys a 4. Fie be upon that woman! The passing underbrush swung back in rebellion as the maddened horse careened through the canyon that was awash with eerie darkness. Potosi and Sucre in the south had been razed to the ground. Oruro had been seized and the elders of the village annihilated. To the north and the west, Pilo Lajas and Chulumani had been bludgeoned into submission, while La Paz and El Alto had been under siege for four sunsets.

Still, there were pockets of fierce resistance from tribal warlords who had not yet submitted to the rule of the Rosa. They had to be quelled. Especially that Senorita from Cochabamba! People would pay for their rebellion. With their dignity, if necessary. It was but his job to cull ignorant populations and exchange blood for gold from the Empire. The flared nostrils of the thoroughbred betrayed the hours of tiresome running it had been subjected to across the barren Andean countryside. Its widened eyes conveyed a sense of fear. A fear of the unknown. A fear born of past traps.

And then it happened. No amount of preparation could prepare one for an Aymaran ambush. Jul 16, , 1: I recently got Gone World copy-edited and updated to address some concerns readers had. In its aftermath the world has been left in rubble, with pocket of resistance fighters still fighting the good fight against the invaders, the Sino-Russian Alliance. Nick and Tina, two rebels, just having escaped an ambush, need to find a way to escape the area cordoned of by the invaders.

Will they get out? Will Nick and Tina, manage to deal with the hopelessness of it all, surviving in a gone world? Jul 18, , Written especially to entertain writers and politicians. Please give it a look, the best comment so far is from a person that had to stop reading because they could not stop laughing. Jul 18, , 3: Also free now from July , "Bad Milk", a fun short story starring the main character Rose from the Iron Flower series. Bad Milk A heroic fantasy tale featuring the indestructible female warrior known as the Iron Flower.

When an insanity epidemic afflicts bandits and wealthy merchants alike, well-scarred Rose's investigation sends her on an awkward journey into a temple of beauty. Jul 19, , 1: Money is just about the cleverest thing that humankind has ever invented but we have been using it in just about the stupidest way possible.

This book explains what money is, how we abuse it, and how we could use it to make our economy work much better for the benefit of everyone. Exploring our relationship with money, we discover that our desire to possess it rather than use it is at the root of our economic problems, and changing how we feel about money is the key to solving most of them. The author has spent the last 30 years as a self-employed foot-soldier engaged in the daily struggle to keep cash flowing in sufficient quantity through a variety of businesses, and has tackled the subject of our economy from this perspective.

Jul 20, , 7: Doing It Wild is the first book in the Doing It series and is a short erotic romance. Rich girl Grace Bennett is forced by her father to get engaged with a guy of his choosing, so he can expand his company. She wants to escape this unwanted marriage and runs away from home, only to meet handsome, funny and hardworking Finn Wood. Getting a taste of freedom, it's a hot night together with him Grace will never forget.

On all other days it's only 0. But today, July 20th, it's available for free, so download your copy now before it's too late! Jul 20, , It is a family saga told in Southern literary style. Here is the blurb from the back cover: And what of his son, Price, the small-town boy who stamped his mark upon a corporate world that would ultimately crumble about him?

For the other, there'd been the heady rush of success followed by a precipitous fall from grace. Bones of My Brother is a compelling look at failure and redemption—humanity and spirituality. At turns heartfelt and raw, this family saga is full of love and intrigue with characters facing questions about the conflict of dreams and reality, love and lust. Could it be that the answers provide a revelation, the seed of a new beginning? Jul 20, , 8: Years after her brother Sam's suicide, Sarah Pelton remains unable to fully occupy her world without him.

Now, while her surviving brothers prepare to sell the family's tenant farm and a young woman's life hangs in the balance, Sarah is forced to confront the life Sam lived and the secrets he left behind. As she assembles the artifacts of her family's history in East Texas in the hope of discovering her own future, images from her work as an anthropologist—images of sacrifice, ritual, and rebirth—haunt her waking dreams. In this moving debut novel, Nan Cuba unearths the power of family legacies and the indelible imprint of loss on all our lives.

Info at my publisher's site: And thanks to those who facilitate this discussion. Sep 11, , 9: It is available in paperback or eBook edition from bookstores and on-line from Amazon, The Book Depository, Kobo, etc. Jul 28, , I'm looking for feedback and reviews for this book so I can improve the next edition.

Only requirement for reading this book is a PDF reader or a Kindle or any other reader. If you have a Kindle account I can send the book directly to your Kindle. A quick review on Amazon would mean the world to me, however I understand if you decide not to provide feedback. From the bestselling women's health author Caroline D.

Greene Join the fast-growing group of women who have decided to take ownership of their health and not be held hostage by hypothyroidism, TODAY. Aug 2, , 3: Bloodsuckers on the Bayou: True Blood is more than just an HBO show brimming with sex and gore, or another vampire horror story blown up by big media.

Beside her, Sam, Jason, Alcide, Eric, and Bill, along with Pam, Tara, and Jessica embark on their own epic quests into darkness seeking freedom and belonging. Aug 11, , Hi, I'm Lenita Sheridan a new self-published author of the children's fantasy Guardian of the Gauntlet. My website is http: My book takes the heroine, Camari, through many adventures as she has been turned invisible by a special gauntlet. She is pursued by and pursues two wicked characters, Mecandel and Bogwina, an enchanted bog witch. I have started the sequel to it Guardian of the Gauntlet: The Greater Good, and am quite a way through that.

My book is available as an e-book. I welcome any reviews, questions and any other comments. Aug 3, , 3: Hello, I am part of a digital publishing company - Senserial Publishing. We offer novels as a digital series. I know, that here is a place for authors to spread the word about their books, but I hope that there is no problem that publishers do it instead of the writers. Here are the trailers we made for the novels: The "Wolf of the Highlands" https: I would love to hear some comments.

Aug 4, , My newest novel is now available at the largest e-book stores and you can get the print book at Createspace. It's the first story in a series I'm writing about an assault of all things magical against the human world. It got zombies in it, but their origin is a little different than the zombies we know. A routine delivery becomes a night of terror. Before meeting up with his girlfriend, Linda, John Lone must deliver a package to a secluded cabin deep in the forest.

No problem, he's made this trip a hundred times. But things have changed Supernatural creatures now stalk the forest and beyond, seeking out fresh meat to devour. John must fight for his life. Does he have the skills--the time--to get back to his safe life and his girlfriend? Linda is his one chance for a happily ever after. But this is no fairy tale. Writing is a pleasure for me, I love exploring words, characters and situations.

Aug 6, , 4: Hi all Liam Leddy here www. My two novels Body Language and Bad Form are authentic street dialogue sixties Glasgow crime fiction. Short story collections are more varied subject matter. All have twists, turns and very, very surprising endings. The reason for that? I dare say you get my drift by this stage Best wishes to all Liam. Aug 6, , 6: I hope you will check it out. I think you will find yourself agreeing with me.

Aug 8, , 9: Greene Get your copy NOW! Feel energized and alert Lose fat and gain muscle tone Have clear, beautiful skin Reduce unwanted body and facial hair Beat mood swings Stop comfort eating and curb cravings Get cramps under control Now including exclusive Permanently Beat PCOS purchasers' bonus offer Gluten Free Living Secrets This best-selling report will show you how to improve your overall health by using a secret method for achieving improved health. Aug 8, , Hi Liam Leddy www.

Back to my third novel now. Long way to go Best regards Liam. My debut novel is coming out on August 22nd, so I'm really excited!! I'm hoping to build some interest for it before the release date so that it really takes off when it comes out. It's called Equilibrium, and is the first in a trilogy of YA fantasy novels. Now, those powers are being reawakened.

They live peaceful lives in the smallest of the Five Lands. That is, until mysterious strangers turn up and rip their lives apart. Kim and Nick are forced to flee, with no idea of who is pursuing them or why. They find themselves in the middle of a war they never wanted to fight, a war between powers greater than any the world has ever seen. Throughout, Kim is haunted by a wraith that only she can see, who insists that she and Nick must get their memories back.

Of course, they have all their memories. As the situation spins further and further out of their control, Kim and Nick are forced to confront the possibility that they are both much more than they have been brought up to believe. Who are they to each other? Were they ever more than just best friends? The fate of the world depends on them finding out exactly who they really are… Here's the piece I wrote about myself for the back of the book: She grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, with her parents and sister, and started writing shortly after she left school.

Her regular haunts include the fantasy sections in bookshops, and her bookshelf is filled with stories set in faraway worlds where anything is possible. Lauren regularly loses herself in writing magical stories where true love is real and there are always happy endings.

After years of dreaming about becoming an author, her fantasy finally came to life when Equilibrium, her debut novel, was accepted for publication shortly before her twenty-first birthday. Please take a look at the Facebook page and like it if you want to - support much appreciated!! I've posted the cover art and a picture of my main character there, for anyone who's interested. If anyone has questions, I'm here - please ask! Does anyone know how to put pictures inside posts? I see that other people have done it, but I can't work out how Aug 10, , 7: Either way, make your way to W Washington Blvd.

In the 30 years since his first column in The Chicago Tribune , Page has witnessed a multitude of American milestones; his commentary on which has rightfully earned Page a revered place in the journalistic community. The anthology traverses decades and topics alike, as his interests, though always built around a core of cultural analysis, are truly varied.

Perusing his latest posts on Page's Page you'll find articles regarding President Obama's second term, the food gentrification of collard greens, and the American response to the ebola virus, to name a few. Page will be joined in discussion by Bruce Dold, editorial page editor of the Chicago Tribune. The event kicks off with a reception at Just in time for Printer's Row Lit Fest this weekend, Chicago publication Newcity released their Lit 50 today, a list of Chicago's literary community letting us know "who really books" around here.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

The list includes many authors who released books in the last year: Joining are notable natives that are synonymous with being Chicago writers such as Stuart Dybek he is 1 on the list , Gillian Flynn she's 2 and Aleksandar Hemon 8. This year the list includes members of our growing comics community, a group that diligently puts out work that shouldn't be ignored.

Newcity's Lit section does a great job compiling this list. To see who else books, pick up an issue in any of the Newcity newspaper boxes across the city. The Lit 50 section opens to a picture which captures all 50 nominees in a group shot. Now that would be some reading to attend. Since the short film he directed, Howard Cantour. Damiano by Chicago-born graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, LaBeouf has tweeted numerous apologies and justifications, quoting everyone from Yahoo! Yesterday, The New Inquiry posted an essay with LaBeouf's byline called stopcreating , exploring the recent history of artistic re-appropriation and the merits of long-held notions of authorship and originality in the digital age.

The prose and reference points may seem impressive for a man better known for Transformers and the Disney Channel. But if you look closer, stopcreating is perhaps LaBeouf's boldest act of defiant plagiarism to date. The words of poet and literary critic Kenneth Goldsmith -- including some that may have originally appeared on the website of Chicago's very own Poetry Foundation.

Abby Donovan, protagonist of first-time novelist E. She is so overworked and easily confused that when she tries to take the train home one evening she accidentally gets on the Green Line instead of the Brown Line that would whisk her to her Wrigleyville townhouse, and promptly falls asleep. Within minutes of waking and disembarking at the Cicero stop in a panic, she encounters a diverse assortment of black people.

An old woman ranting about how she would like to shoot all white people. Two leering "thugs" in "tattoos, gold chains, and baggy clothes" who immediately start to menace her. A crowd of 10 young black men, also wearing the telltale gold chains and baggy clothes, who also begin pursuing her at once. Add in some pregnant teenage welfare queens, and the ultimate nightmare fantasia of the white urbanophobe would be complete.

As of , only Considering that women constitute more than half the U. Samantha Irby's much anticipated collection of essays, Meaty , is out today. If you're not sure whether or not to purchase it, read contributor Alba Machado's and my discussion below! I feel that I know Samantha Irby better than I know most of my friends after reading this book, from her bowel movements and sex life to her experiences and hopes. I laughed a LOT and felt a bit emotional during some of the more serious essays.

What was reading Meaty like for you, as someone who has read her blog? She made me blush in the best way ever. It's a talent she has. It's not just that she talked about peeing on a man's face; it's that she did it in this absolutely candid, intimate check-this-freaky-shit-out kind of way that made her story seem somehow as ordinary as it was outrageous--something casual, something you'd laugh about over coffee. She has the gift that Toni Morrison says is the true test of a writer's power, to "familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar.

And of course, I was really excited to read Meaty. It did not disappoint. But the book also veered into unexpectedly tragic terrain, and for that, I would have liked to have read it at a slower pace, given myself time to process and reflect on one chapter before moving onto the next. Meaty seems an appropriate name. You need time to chew on it! I love the library. I love rows and rows of books and the silence, pierced by the occasional beep of a scanned barcode.

When Chicago library hours were reduced, I was really, really sad, and still am. Perhaps irrationally, I worry for the future of libraries. That's why it's heartening to know that the American Library Association will bring its annual conference and exhibition to McCormick Place this Thursday, June 27 through Tuesday, July 2.

It's still pretty awesome to recognize that this conference signals a thriving library industry. This week the Tribune's Christopher Borrelli wrote a nice article on the flourishing reference desk at the Mount Prospect Public Library. Terry who I previously interviewed here and Samantha Irby will be present at "Meet the Author" events. For more details visit the ALA Conference website at www. The Chicago Reader's annual Best of Chicago issue is out now. Look for a copy at newsstands, on magazine racks or in those yellow newspaper boxes with the slanted R on them it's also available online.

Follow this link to the the volunteer application-- it's the first step in getting a behind-the-book-flap experience at the Midwest's largest outdoor literary event, not to mention a free t-shirt and lunch. Tickets will be available to the general public beginning May More information about this year's presenters and other FAQs can be found at: The Society of Midland Authors announced its winners and finalists last week, marking its 55th celebration of authors who live in, were born in, or have strong ties to the Midwest.

Click here to see the full list of winners past and present. I was not provided a reason for the collection of Persepolis. If I learn more I will inform all staff. As teachers and parents began discussing the news, it became clear that the order to remove the graphic novel Persepolis: A Story of Childhood from libraries and classrooms had been sent out to all high schools in the Fullerton region, and possibly the entire Chicago Public School system, apparently under a directive from the Chief Education Office.

You always meant to go to one of those One Book, One Chicago discussions, right? Now that the "citywide book club" has expanded from a monthly, twice-a-year offering to a yearlong event, you'll have no excuse not to check out some of the excellent programming offered by the Chicago Public Library sponsored initiative. In Other Suns , Wilkerson, the first black woman to win a Pulitzer Prize in the history of American journalism, and the first black American to win for individual reporting, explores the Great Migration of black Americans from the American South to the North and West, changing the cultural and political landscape of America.

Check out CPL's list of discussions, workshops, performances, and exhibits --many of which focus on migration in Chicago and civil rights-- for details on how you can get involved. And while April may seem light years away while in the thick of February, that's exactly why it's necessary to get psyched for spring--and a free issue of Poetry magazine. In honor of that poetic month, The Poetry Foundation is releasing free copies of the April issue of Poetry magazine to individuals, book clubs, and reading groups that request them by March April's is also the first issue to be available in digital format.

And to make sure you don't cheat and start celebrating early, the issues will ship in late March to ensure receipt during National Poetry Month. The Poetry Foundation has named poet, critic and biographer Robert Polito the next president of the organization. His term begins July 8 after current president John Barr steps down to retire.

Polito served as professor and director of the MFA in Creative Writing and Riggio Honors Programs at the The New School , which he compares to the Poetry Foundation in terms of having "distinguished, even glorious pasts that are always in need of reinvention by each new generation. Polito's poetry, drawing deeply from American pop culture and literary tradition, is collected in two books, Hollywood and God and Doubles , both published by University of Chicago Press.

Polito's interest in crime novels and film noir inspired his book Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson which received the National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography , and has served him as editor of several books on poetry, film, and pop culture of the American midcentury. A Bob Dylan scholar who plans to eventually write a book on the rock icon, Polito professes to collecting the high school yearbooks of folks like Dylan, Andy Warhol, and John Cage, among others.

Read more about Polito here. But recently the Museum got the boot from its landlord, leaving board members and employees scrambling to find a new home for the 1. For those interested in a little bit of history, the Museum's website offers a succinct explanation of the factory's founding and Midwestern significance. Perhaps most strikingly, the factory was a major type supplier for a rapidly growing 19th century Midwestern newspaper industry, offering an alternative to the pricy practice of sourcing from the East Coast. The company has since become a somewhat less exciting and relevant to our writerly purposes manufacturer of steel office furniture, but still deserves its credit for helping newspapers do their essential duties in this part of the country.

The museum remains true to the company's original passions and offers up a portion of its 40, square feet for artist workshops and tutorials. And beginning Saturday, December after three rigorous years hosting and producing The Paper Machete at various Lincoln Square bars--Piatt's vision is realized as he takes his weekly "salon in a saloon" to the Green Mill with headliner Katie Rich of the Second City mainstage. Not that he doesn't already have a lot of work behind him. Piatt's been hosting and producing The Paper Machete, an aptly-described "part spoken-word show, part vaudeville revue" for nearly three years.

It's a project he dove into full throttle after leaving his post at TimeOut Chicago , where he worked as a theatre critic and editor for five years. Upon leaving TimeOut , Piatt felt destined to put on a show of his own, but he found himself irrevocably "hard-wired" to the pace of a weekly magazine.

James and Jessa Bye , a collection of stories, comics and interviews centering on sleep and beds. And because they're small and independent, Curbside relies on pre-orders, which can be placed here. The 10X10, page glossy will include contributions from authors, graphic artists and comedians like Etgar Keret , Maria Bamford , Billy Lombardo and Michael Showalter. Says Joe Meno, local author of Office Girl , in the news release, " The Way We Sleep represents the very best of what a book can do that no other narrative medium can touch; it's part anthology, part art-book, part interview, part graphic novel, part confessional, part essay, part sociological study.

The subject matter here ranges from sex to family to coming-of-age, all rendered with a delightful wit, brevity, and charm. Brooklyn-based Akashic Books--whose tagline is "reverse-gentrification of the literary world"-- announces the next installment of the new Akashic Digits Series: The Digits Series is Akashic's monthly, themed e-book promotion that features selections from Akashic's titles, with exclusive links to digital and print editions.

Seibold's referring to the recent collaboration between Agate and the Chicago Tribune to release a series of ebooks created from the newspaper's vast archive of news and feature stories, columns and photography. The Chicago Tribune Ebook Collection currently consists of 20 titles, among them The Best of Mary Schmich , a selection of the the Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist's favorite pieces; Charlie Trotter , the story of the world-famous chef's restaurant in Chicago; and The Rise of Rahm , which chronicles the ascent of the first non-Daley Chicago mayor in more than 20 years.

The Chicago Humanities Festival dependably provides a bevy of literary programming with each passing season. It's well curated and timely, often bringing matters literary into the scope of current events. The Whipping Man tells the story of a Jewish confederate soldier returning to a ruined home in Richmond, Virginia just after the town was destroyed. His family has fled the scene, and the wreckage of his home is occupied by two newly freed men his family once owned as slaves.

The three carry out an unlikely Passover Seder and in doing so, depict the dichotomy at play where Judaism and slavery have intersected in American history. Lopez described being asked why he, a Latino man without Jewish roots, chose to tackle this particular topic. Lopez talked about his experience going from stage actor to writer, and about his first piece of writing -- an episode of "Mr.

Belvedere" when he was 9. Lopez said he's always been more a writer than anything else. The thoroughfare is lined with poetry, in both text and audio forms, and can be found on banners, planter signs, news racks and CTA subway entrances from Wacker Drive to Congress Parkway. CLA's year-round light and sound installation, Lightscape: You might hear the words of Ezra Pound, T. A small photo gallery is available here. StoryStudio Chicago has been in the crucial business of making Chicagoans better writers since Recently, the Studio added business writing courses , including a ten-week certificate program, to its repertoire.

The Business Writing Certificate program is all about teaching students to improve writing in the context of business--whatever a given student's business might be. Business Writing Fundamentals is designed for anyone who writes at work, whether it's marketing materials, reports, proposals, newsletters, blog posts, performance evaluations, even Tweets. Unlike standard business writing classes, however, the StoryStudio model uses creative- and journalistic-writing techniques to aid in the process.

The program will help an artist--writer, visual, or otherwise--market his or her own material more effectively. If you're into self publishing chap books, but don't have the skills to market you're stuff, chances are fewer eyes will see your work no matter how good it is. Lots of us freelancers and small business people spend a lot of time in coffee shops and staring at social media platforms to get some modicum of social interaction throughout the day. The Enhancing Your Relationship Building Skills portion of the program is meant to ready students for productive social interaction networking!

The Business Writing Certificate program begins October 2. Register online or by phone at Although better known for her work after moving to New York City, Firestone's activism began in Chicago. Firestone graduated from the School of the Art Institue in , and before leaving, co-founded The Westside Group, for "consciousness-raising.

The Case for Feminist Revolution , when she was In the text, Firestone asserted that the biological structure of human life is at the root of sex discrimination, and further, she imagined that newly available reproductive technologies would ultimately free women from these constraints via cybernetics for laboratory births. Extreme as it may sound, the book became an essential feminist text at the time, and considering current political debate concerning women's reproductive rights, the theories she presents have gained a newfound importance.

Firestone wrote and published numerous essays throughout her life, as well as a book of short stories in , Airless Spaces , which depicts characters moving in and out of mental hospitals in New York City. At a time when book reviews are bought and sold almost as often as loaves of gluten free bread, it's quite nice to know that a publication like Booklist Magazine still exists. Booklist, which has been published by the American Library Association for the past years, pumps out short, snappy reviews, often in themed issues, at the rate of about 8, a year.

And its doing it from right here in Chicago. Booklist deals exclusively in recommendations, opting not to waste reviewers' time, or yours, with the negative and simply covers as much as possible. If this sounds like your thing, perhaps you should consider interning for Booklist. The publication announced just this week that it's in the market for new team members, and at just hours a week, it's likely doable for those with day jobs.

S, the radiologist who's been doing my mammograms for 20 years. If she hadn't decided I should have a sonogram because of dense breast tissue we still wouldn't know. As I've told my friends who've also been treated for breast cancer, I've joined The Club Medical diagnoses can leave you feeling alone and scared. When it comes to breast cancer you're not alone, and scary though it is, there's a network of amazing women to help you through it.

All is not lost: Albeit, through a private organization-- Chicago's Artist Coalition. Formerly a city funded operation housed in the Cultural Center, CAR furnishes artists form the music, dance, theater, literary and visual Arts worlds alike, with job posts , calls for artists, and a directory of spaces, as well as artist and arts professional stories. What's most important, perhaps, is that it's centralized; literary folks can look for jobs and learn about networking opportunities, plus read about an upcoming visual art opening that features a comics artist they'd like to collaborate with.

When Chicago's art worlds collide they are made better and more diverse, and it's nice to know that there's a place where such permeability will be fostered, even if it's in a tiny way and on the internet. Just a couple of weeks after I noticed flutters of something new at North Kedzie Blvd. The shop's website doesn't appear to be up and running just yet, but the Facebook is active with updates. There's plenty there for any reader though.

Uncharted sells used general interest books, plus some new locally churned stuff. They also host events. It's too early to know how City Lit will impact the neighborhood's readers, but look back for developments. Now is the time to return that copy of War and Peace you've been trying to read for the past 11 months. For more info go to the Chicago Public Library website. The Chicago Public Library isn't kidding when it calls its three-week period of amnesty on late fees "Once in a Blue Moon" -- the last time CPL offered an amnesty was in , and before that So jump at this chance: And if the item is lost, you can absolve yourself by paying only the replacement cost, sans fees.

This will recoup the City's investment in the materials and, most importantly, make them available for other patrons to use," said Library Commissioner Brian Bannon in a news release. In , the amnesty resulted in more than 77, books being returned to the library. Scholastic Books announced a new Harry Potter Reading Club online with new activities and discussion questions added every month. To kick it off, J. Rowling will be participating in a live webcast on October 11, at 11am Central time. It's designed for schools and those that would like to participate can sign up here. First he closed libraries on Mondays in January, then in February he opened them from 2 to 6pm on Mondays.

Now mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in an official statement this past Monday that Chicago Public Libraries will reopen for full 8 hour days on Mondays. Sobol, author of the Encyclopedia Brown series, died July 11 of gastric lymphoma. The Encyclopedia Brown series featured a plucky year-old who, along with his best friend Sally Kimball, ran a detective agency that charged neighborhood kids 25 cents a day plus expenses.

The first book, Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective , came out in The series produced 28 books, a comic strip and a TV series. The Tampa Bay Times obtiuary quotes an interview with Sobol: He is, perhaps, the boy I wanted to be - doing the things I wanted to read about but could not find in any book when I was Chicago publishing company Featherproof books, is sponsoring programming, which includes panel discussions and readings.

The Book Fort will be up and running for the duration of the festival weekend, July at Union Park. Newcity's annual Lit 50 , a list of the most influential players in Chicago's literary community, is out today. This year, the focus is on writers and designers. Check it out to see who really books in Chicago. With giants like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt declaring bankruptcy , and so many others going the way of eBooks, it's no surprise that indie booksellers are working to sharpen the process for getting self published authors on their shelves.

After all, self publishing these days means less and less about a book's quality. The American Booksellers Association wrote on the subject last month. Check out this excerpt about one book seller's plan:. One of Watermark's programs simply offers a little coveted shelf space. If they don't, the author needs to pick up their books. Contracts for the authors are kept at the cash wrap, and staff is trained on the programs that Watermark offers.

Read the entire article for more details. Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak died in the early morning today. Well known for his work Where the Wild Things Are , Sendak had a distinct style that many children came to know and love. His work had resonance that spanned over four decades. Focusing on his early years, the book includes a letter to an old girlfriend analyzing poetry Clinton chose Leaves of Grass ; Obama feels a kinship with T. Eliot's The Waste Land.

A few of his thoughts: And he wears a stoical face before this. Remember how I said there's a certain kind of conservatism which I respect more than bourgeois liberalism - Eliot is of this type. With Free Comic Book Day on the horizon many of us are taking an extra look-see into the city's vibrant industry. There's quite a bit going on, but an interesting new venture is looking to find legs on Kickstarter right now. Chicago is a journalistic endeavor that fuses accurate reporting with the panel visuals and narrative style of comics. The duo behind the Chicago-centric publication produced two features for Gapers Block last year, and is still looking for a hefty chunk of change to fund a publishing project that aims to bring together some of the best stories from in a single bound volume.

Four days to go! Illinois joined 15 other states today in an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and several major publishers, charging that the companies colluded to fix the sale prices of electronic books. Texas attorney general Greg Abbott said in an official statement: In this case, three of the nation's largest publishing companies worked together to gain control of retail prices and raise the price of e-books. The defendants colluded to use the agency distribution model to effectively eliminate free market competition and allow publishers - rather than the marketplace - to set the price of e-books.

The practice of artificially inflating prices began in late , when Apple was getting ready to introduce the iPad, siliconvalley. In the same article, Steve Jobs is alleged to have told his biographer he approached publishers with "you set the price, we get our 30 percent and yes, the customer pays a little more, but that's what you want anyway.

Independent bookstores received another blow today as Google announced it would discontinue its program, which allows independent bookstores to sell eBooks through its platform, mediabistro. Scott Dougall, Google's director of product management and digital publishing, announced on their blog , "The program has not gained the traction that we hoped it would, so we have made the difficult decision to discontinue it by the end of January of next year.

The American Booksellers Association offers an e-commerce product called IndieCommerce for independent bookstores. Teicher, president of the ABA, said in an e-mail to members, "To say the least, we are very disappointed with Google's decision. We are totally committed to providing IndieCommerce stores the means to continue to sell e-books, and, at minimum, we expect to move forward quickly with one or more partners who will better understand--and who will maintain closer ties to--your stores, and to the book industry in general. What's the motivation to self-publish?

I'd always thought there was a stigma to going this route. I thought the general opinion was that it was kind of like going to the prom without a date, that self-publishers "haven't accepted that their book isn't well-written [and] haven't developed the critical skills necessary to recognise in which ways their work is lacking" OK, so that's just an anonymous "working writer" on an internet forum. It seems that perception has been changing in the last few years, though. Well, obviously, most unknown writers' odds of getting picked up by a major publisher are a long shot, particularly in an economy where publishing houses are forced to cut expenses to stay competitive, according to the New York Times.

Self-publishing has definitely grown in popularity in the last few years. Kevin Weiss, president and chief executive of Author Solutions which owns, among others, iUniverse, AuthorHouse and Xlibris told the New York Times they published 26, new books in , as compared to 13, in As for proof of quality, self-publishers have gone on to become best-sellers and some have gone on to get picked up by traditional publishers, such as Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, whose expertly self-marketed book Catch Your Death went on to snag a six-figure advance from HarperFiction , according to the marketing website expertmessagegroup.

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  4. You and Your Audience: Getting Them from Point A to Point B (FT Press Delivers Elements).
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  6. Sam the Night Person (Night Person Series, Book One 1)!

Levi Stahl, promotions director for U. I started rattling cages here at Chicago to convince people we should publish the book. Without cheap digital publishing technology, the book would never have existed; without the Web, I would never have heard about it. April always brings spring Today is the first day for you to get involved, go out and celebrate, or just curl up with a chapbook--all in the name of poetry. Chicago's own Poetry Foundation also has a host of happenings all over the U. Check it all out here. Evanston-based Agate Publishing announces a partnership with the Chicago Tribune to produce ebooks created from Chicago Tribune-owned content.

Agate has produced ebook editions simultaneously with its printed books since ; the Tribune content will be published as part of its new purely ebook imprint, Agate Digital. If we look back to two weeks ago , the climate of Columbia College's writing departments was a bit tense let's say. This was a red flag as prior to this there were talks of integrating their two departments into a new Creative Writing Major.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, word came down from Louise Love, the college's Vice President of Academic Affairs, that both of the Chairs were asked to renew their contracts and both accepted. Yet the sword of Damocles still hangs overhead. The talk of changes to their respective departments is still unaddressed.

Love also mentioned that decisions regarding their departments, if any, will be made after the academic year has concluded in June. In a recent Newcity article , Albers seems optimistic about the future of his program, his job, the college and its students. At the Reading Under the Influence event last week, Albers and many other Fiction Writing department faculty were guests.

Albers read a piece of creative nonfiction, which detailed his personal journey through the Fiction Writing department. As he feels, it's one that hasn't ended yet. On Tuesday, Chicago-based Encyclopaedia Britannica announced it will cease publication of its yearly volume set, switching to a completely online format.

Today our digital database is much larger than what we can fit in the print set, and it is up to date because we can revise it within minutes anytime we need to, and we do it many times each day. The edition is the company's last print edition, according to cnet. Encyclopaedia Britannica's sales peaked in with the sale of , sets, just before the boom of the Internet. The offending content in question?

Undergroundbook by Jörg Balters, Lampert & Kohler on Apple Books

Links to recommended books - on amazon. Once you are reading your books on a device that is hooked into a store, the person curating the store has a great deal more power than a local bookseller ever did. Godin is a marketing specialist and public speaker who launched the websites Yoyodyne later purchased by Yahoo and Squidoo. He describes Stop Stealing Dreams as a "30, word manifesto" on the state of modern education. He is not charging for the book and offers several options to download it for free. Of the collection of nine short stories set in China between the s and the present, author Francine Prose says, "Yiyun Li's tenderness toward her characters, her respect for the richness of their lives, and the subtlety and gentle humor with which she portrays them make the experience of reading Gold Boy, Emerald Girl consistently heartening.

Highlights include a book discussion with Li and Achy Obejas at the Harold Washington Library on April 19, a tour of Chinatown with the Chinese Cultural Institute, and an exhibit of artwork inspired by the book by Chicago area high school students. For a complete list of events, click here. Higher Education has suffered under the stress of our economic climate these past years.

Columbia College Chicago , an institution focusing on arts and media education has not been immune to these ills. In an attempt to strengthen resources, Columbia has undertaken certain strategic measures.

Lawyers and Related Careers Outlook (Career Outlook Reports Series)

Such measures include those addressed in an article published in the Reader by Deanna Issacs concerning treatment of full-time and adjunct faculty at local colleges such as Columbia and Northwestern. In the same vein, Columbia has pushed for further measures this year to maintain its budget.

Spotlights on staff and faculty positions are the latest attempt to prioritize assets.

Similar authors to follow

Albers has been part of the department for 16 years. No replacement has been announced. Albers will still maintain his role as a full-time faculty member. As someone currently enrolled in this writing program, I find it hard to imagine what shape it will have in the near future. There have been reports from academic deans, posted in the campus newspaper , calling for a new creative nonfiction major.

This might be where the Fiction Writing department lands. The answer to that question is as unclear as that of who will become the new department chair. Fiction Writing department faculty member and local writer Rob Duffer puts it best in his article posted today on the Examiner, "It seems fitting, then, that no successor -- no chair -- has been named. It was best filled by Randy Albers. Newcity reviews the Logan Square literary journal Curbside Splendor 's variety of voices, photos, and areas for improvement and growth. Back in , the Chicago Tribune first introduced a Sunday book section to its readers that would become a staple of the newspaper for more than 60 years.

Over time that section has shrunk to a single page you can now find in the Saturday edition. Eventually it wasn't worth the cost to continue printing the supplement, since more and more readers turned to the web's proliferation of literary sites for their information. Today, the Trib is moving forward by looking backwards: Want to dip your toe in every now and then?

This premium paid content is scheduled to reach subscribers next month, and will include 24 pages of book reviews, literary news, author interviews, special reports on Chicago and Midwest writers and a new piece of short fiction each week. Members will also have access to members-only book discussions, author receptions at the annual Printers Row Lit Fest , behind-the-scenes "literary" tours, and free entry to monthly live author conversations. To generate interest, a sample of about , subscribers will get a free introductory issue this Sunday, and Trib executives hope to retain at least 10, of them.

If you're not a subscriber but want to check it out, a digital version will be made available at that time, and will be accessible here. We're trying to develop new ideas and get them into play. We're not going to just stand still. We're very hopeful that this is part of a new publishing approach that is right for the times.

The creative forces behind these series are presenting writing classes that aim to develop storytellers. Their initiative Storytelling For Everyone: A Four Session Course in Personal Narrative will be a set of four 3-hour sessions that cover the process of developing a story to readying it for live performance. Sessions are structured with a workshop component where writers will receive feedback on their work. Each class size will be capped at 6 giving those enrolled more one-on-one time with fellow classmates and the instructor. Check out how to sign up at the Story Lab website or check their registration website.

After 30 years, Bookman's Alley in Evanston is set to close. Owner Roger Carlson cited advancing age and complications from a recent car accident as his reasons for his closing. Store is set to close in March, so plenty of time to soak up sales and get in some holiday shopping. Maybe because this conference is the largest literary gathering in North America. The keynote address will be given by Margaret Atwood, and it will also be an occasion for a reunion of eight Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, two Poets Laureate, six National Book Award winners, and nine recipients of the National Book Critics Circle Award — not to mention, hundreds of other readers, speakers, and panelists including Jennifer Egan, C.

Williams, Jane Smiley and Marilynne Robinson. There will be a mind-boggling events , as well as exhibits by more than presses, magazines, and literary arts organizations, so start planning now! Event locations and details can be found at awpwriter. Marcus Sakey isn't just an award-winning crime novelist anymore. The first episode focuses, naturally, on Sakey's home town of Chicago. You can see more sample clips from the premier on the show's video page on TravelChannel. Stealing from corporate entities, or banks, or the gods, or whatever has a long and venerable tradition.

The word on the literary street is that the Tribune may have a weekly book section up its sleeve — starting in January, you could be soaking up the latest news and reviews about books in Printer's Row , a supplement to the newspaper, for a small price. Do not forget, as you stroll the booths, to commission an artisanal poem! Proceeds will go to independent publisher Rose Metal Press. At age 13, Meghan O'Rourke tried to write a novel.

It was science fiction with "many princesses," including one named Cassiopeia. Now 35, she's since published two poetry collections and a written a memoir, The Long Goodbye , about the death of her year-old mother from cancer. This fall, Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood will get a new bookstore. Uncharted Books , taking over the retail space of a former shoe store, will be a general used bookstore focusing on literature — no airport fiction allowed.

You'll also find vintage classics, and an emphasis on local Chicago interest, biographies, memoirs, history, and women's studies. Uncharted is the brainchild of Tanner McSwain, a transplant ultimately from a chicken farm in Albemarle, NC, who keeps finding himself in Logan Square — which, he feels, is "the right neighborhood at the right time. It's on the cusp of booming and becoming a destination. His niche is establishing a store without a niche.

The name of the bookstore comes from his hope to establish a place that allows adventure and exploration. While he seems to be doing well on amassing titles to sell currently, he has 8, books, and he hopes to reach 12, by opening , the transformation of the location itself into his vision for Uncharted seems dangerously far from its goal. Retail horizontal grills — the kind you hang hooks for merchandise on — still cover what will eventually be beautiful, exposed brick; a plywood sub-floor waits to be transformed into either hardwood or nice laminate; the suspended ceiling, composed of those square, acoustic tiles, will be torn down, revealing the exposed pipe work above it.

McSwain is optimistic he'll be able to enact these renovations, perhaps by Thanksgiving, and if not, by Christmas — and what will be left is the feel of an old world European pub; dark woods, cozy. Uncharted Books will be much more than a bookstore, however. It will double as a community center, offering literacy programs, writing classes, open mics, and readings. His goal, of course, is to "encourage people to create art and literature and not just consume it.

McSwain, who is also a licensed massage therapist, has a background in publishing. A former employee of indie publisher Agate as well as McGraw-Hill, he's optimistic that independent bookstores, despite all economic woes, are "doing just fine". His research indicated that small, used bookstores are "borderline recession-proof," due to their low start-up costs and their ability to tap into people's "recession-era need" for thrift.

Of course, there's no harm in asking for a little help to get things started. Uncharted Books, which will buy your used reads for "more than you think," is also happy to accept donations. That, or you can check out their Kickstarter campaign. Uncharted Books Opening Fall N. Chicago Ideas Week starts on Monday, October Great speakers and great thinkers will put their heads together to see what they can create. You can't go wrong with any of the events all listed here that range from an interview with former President Bill Clinton to a chef-for-a-day experience with Eli's Cheesecake.

To celebrate here in Chicago, check out Books on the Chopping Block , an hour-long program of readings from the most challenged books of Presented by City Lit and the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom , seven readings will take place at libraries in and around Chicago, ending in a final reading in suburban Glencoe.

For times and locations, click here. If you don't feel like following the banned books around, you can take part in a Virtual Read-Out instead: Videos will be posted on a special YouTube channel. Get instructions on how to participate here. Happy Banned Books Week! Superior from September 21 to November 4.

For more information on The Alternative Press Multiple Originals Project, the poets who participated, and examples of poetry postcards, check out this article by Emily Warn. Congrats to all involved! Click here to see more details. Wanna know what Chicago papers have been in print for over 50 years? Check out Stanford University's new interactive map that shows what papers have been published where throughout history. Gothic Blue Books -- popular in the 18th and 19th centuries -- are shortened versions of Gothic novels, always set in a monastery or convent or castle. And Chicago small press Burial Day Books is bringing it back -- with their own twist.

Click here for the guideline definitions and official rules and tips. Submission deadline is September The publication date online and in traditional journal format? The wall is made up of books distributed by the Chicago Distribution Center and is meant to convey the diversity of Midwest publishing. The author of Fahrenheit and much, much more turns 91 today. Dandelion Wine was inspired by his boyhood days in Waukegan. YoYoMagazine is an online journal of art, narrative, and poetry made up of artist, professor and writer Rebecca Keller, artist and educator Amber Ginsburg, and editor and writer Kristin Ginger.

Their newest issue, At Zero: Part II , is available right now, with accompanying audio content. Agate Publishing , a local press around since , will be extending its number of imprints from three to four: Midway Books will launch spring , and will focus exclusively on Midwestern books by Midwestern authors, with a special emphasis on Chicago.

The act comes after the school tried to ban it in July following a professor's complaint about the content. An anonymous donor provided the library with the books and all students need to do is email the library requesting the copy. How's that for the University of Chicago alum sticking to the man from the grave?

Everyone has a story to tell, and if you come to Here's the Story , you can listen to some and even tell one of your own. Taking place every second Wednesday of the month at 7: If you're selected as a "slammer," you get the floor at your designated time, share your story, and then keep your fingers crossed that the audience likes it--because they assign points to their favorites. The slammer with the most points gets to be one of the next month's featured readers. What makes Here's the Story different from tons of other readings, slams, and open mics around the city?

It's also a potluck! Bring a dish to pass, fill your plate, and settle in for some serious storytelling. Get more info, see how to submit to be a featured reader, and check out past events here. Next show is September 14! Welcome a couple of Chicago's new literary endeavors Started by Alyson Beaton, Grow Books features eco-friendly books for kids. Learn a little about Grow Books from Beaton here and then see what the publisher has to offer! Theater troupe Collaboraction will be dressed up as passed-on Chicago authors tonight at the Printers' Ball.

They'll give ball-goers a little advice, a few words of wisdom, and the chance to win a Kindle. Seek a dead author out for an entry slip, write a literary quote on the slip, bring the slip to the Chicago Publishes table on the 8th floor, and cross your fingers! At the end of the night, perhaps you'll go home happy with a new Kindle. The University of Chicago's Mansueto Library is new.

Not only did it open just two months ago, but it has also brought new technology to the often very nostalgic world of books: Implemented to accomodate the increasing need for space the University acquires some , new books a year , the Mansueto actually belies the "bookless" epithet by recognizing the importance of keeping the texts themselves readily available on location.

While students and scholars cannot physically browse titles in the stacks, the time from book request to receipt is only a matter of minutes. The purpose is to keep print collections accessible , rather than relegate them to the dustbin. And to keep books accessible in an increasingly digital world, sometimes a little help from a robot might be a good bet. The Poetry Foundation started their Poetry app with the iPhone. Well, Android and iPad users rejoice: Now you'll get to enjoy audio poems in the virtual poetry library, poem source information, and poets' bios, plus much more.

Download the Android app here and the iPad app here. As Borders moves on out of the city, and our lives, the University of Chicago has purchased the former Borders building at E. According to officials, the U of C is looking retail, home goods, entertainment, or restaurant tenants for the site. The building has been vacant since March and the purchase is "part of a comprehensive effort to create a vibrant, mixed-use corridor along 53rd Street.

Is it a new lifestyle magazine for today's modern sociopath? No, it's an Inside Higher Ed article about the trend in scientific publishing to step beyond the traditional peer reviewed journal model to reach a wider audience through social media. If independent bookstores have been battered by economic forces, the same goes all the more for those with a specialized focus -- so says Linda Bubon of Chicago's Women and Children First , reportedly only one of nine feminist bookstores left in the country.

Way back in May, we told you about poetry slams turning 25 this year, and the big bash YCA is having to celebrate on Saturday, July 30, from pm. Haven't gotten your tickets yet? Well, we have an exciting update: Go to the events page , click on the ticketing link, and enter the promotional code "student. A retired engineer wants to build an American Writers Museum right here in Chicago! All he needs is the money to do it Check out the Chicago Tribune 's article on the endeavor here.

Telfer as the Best Local Poet! Check out some of his work here. Congrats also to runners-up Kevin Coval and Thax Douglas. One series closes, another moves: The Paper Machete , the weekly live magazine featuring performances by authors, musicians, comedians, and more, will now be hosted at Horseshoe N. Neverland children's stage for a scheduled group reading of Peter Pan led by journalist Rick Kogan. They got that and more: They do; click their link to find out how you can help through donating your time, books or money.

Ample Flickr flash mob footage can be found here. The Poetry Foundation's brand spankin' new building will open to the public on June 25! And to celebrate, the foundation is inviting you over for a two-day open house on June 25 and 26, starting at 10am each day. Plan to not only be wowed by the beautiful new space but also by the entertainment, with readings from poets that include Billy Collins, Robert Hass, and Jack Prelutsky; a presentation by the building's architect, John Ronan; discussions; book signings; and much much more.

Check out the schedule of events here , and reserve FREE tickets to any event s of your choice. It's only a month away! And you know how time flies when you're Wondering how the impending absence of Oprah will affect book sales? As an avid reader, with or without Oprah, I tend to think that we REAL readers - those of us whose shelves are stacked with books we plan to read someday, who never go anyway without a book on their person, who get more from a good find at a used bookstore than most women get from buying a new pair of shoes - will barely take note of her show's passing.

That may be a bit of snobbery or plain annoyance from being asked, when you're reading a book Oprah happened to pick, if you've read any of "her" other books and you realize they're not talking about the author , but the picture painted by these Nielson BookScan numbers is pretty hard to ignore. As a champion of books of all kinds, I have to admit that this loss makes me sad, just a little.

German Cigarette Commercial from the early 1960s (HB-Männchen)

Dominique Raccah, founder of local independent publisher Sourcebooks , talks to Crain's about getting involved in the ebook publishing world. Raccah says that the e-book revolution happened much faster than she expected - in her lifetime instead of her childrens'. She began publishing her first ebooks in and recently Soucebooks has turned some of their most popular nonfiction books into apps.

Raccah's willingness to investigate new publishing formats clearly strengthens her company in a time when publishers all over are working hard to survive. The Sun-Times reports that their columnist was a "unanimous choice" from the foundation's selection comittee. Ebert will be honored at a gala on October 20 on the UIC campus, where the foundaton's 25th anniversary, the Harold Washington Library Center's 20th anniversary, and the One Book, One Chicago program's 10th anniversary will all be celebrated.

Lest you think this is just another collection of long wood tables, dusty books, and handy places to hide for students' lacivious activites, think again: With no stacks to speak of, the library has an underground storage space where 3. Wired shares some thoughts on the futuristic, Helmut Jahn designed library, comparing this technology favorably to that of Google Books where copyrights limit full access to many works. Don't miss the comments where readers, including Chicago's own Sara Paretsky, offer some very real concerns, such as pertinent books are often stumbled upon on a walk through the stacks and this will no longer be possible, and what will happen to the library in the event of a robot uprising.

Curious about how the new, transparent dome library works? Check out this video, aptly titled "How It Works. The Chicago Poetry Brothel, which consists of poetry whores, burlesque dancers, and musicians, is featured in an Associated Press video essay. Check out the video on Yahoo! This is the magazine's second award from the American Society of Magazine Editors', as the Poetry magazine podcast won an award in the Digital Media, "Podcasting" category.

With the advent of e-books comes another, unexpected demise--the built-in bookshelf is going the way of shag carpeting and mustard-colored kitchen appliances. According to Crain's , homeowners are either opting to drywall over their built-ins to make room for flat screen TVs and other entertainment accoutrement or using them only to shelve knickknacks.

As someone whose dream home includes a room lined with built-in bookcases filled to the brim with books, I'm dismayed to read that people are just building over them. This doesn't even touch on the fact that the books you keep in your home speak volumes about you. How are we bibliophiles supposed to judge others without them? Or in other words, the bookworm. And the inspiration for Chicago's latest lit journal: Levine, the journal embraces the "strange, surreal and exceptional.

And make sure to mark on your calendar that Anobium 's first issue arrives in July! Remember when we talked about Poetry Cram 11? See the list here. And don't forget, you can get your free copy of the journal on Saturday, April 30, from 10am to 4pm at Harold Washington Library.

Derailleur is the unofficial publication of Chicago Critical Mass. Check out the latest issue here , or the December edition a super cute and fun calendar. Count the ways The Poetry Foundation is celebrating! With Keillor as the narrator, this edition of Poetry Everywhere will offer short films with various poetic voices including the likes of Galway Kinnell, Kwame Dawes, and Rita Dove on public television as well as the web.

If you like reading words on pages but feel that the sentences in books are just too danged long, here's yet another chance to read your favorite character strings in ink. Scribner has acquired the rights to publish a book compiling his colorful tweets, annotating them for people who know nothing about Chicago but would still read this book, I guess?

The book should be available later this year, just in time everyone to be over it already. Which means starting Friday, April 1, there are tons of poetry-related events happening around the Chicagoland area.