What Happened to Goodbye

This time, the formula works! Sep 21, Melannie: View all 5 comments. Look whose back with another basicstared-contemporary read!! You know what kinda funny not really?? So what do we got here? With her father, come Look whose back with another basicstared-contemporary read!! With her father, comes his spontaneous life as a restaurant consultant. Each time she reinvents herself as someone new but this time, it miiiiight just be a little different. I did silly things sometimes. Why you may ask? Now that's friendship goals, amirite??

Oh yeah and the plot was unique. This was a cute book that was surprisingly captivating despite my earlier complaints. Once you love something, you always love it in some way. It's, like, part of you for good. View all 34 comments. I finished this book yesterday afternoon when I was sitting in the waitingroom at my doctor's office and really had nothing else to do Seriously, I consider myself a Sarah Dessen fan. I have read almost all of her books and enjoyed the majority of them — to various degrees. What Happened To Goodbye , however, was a huge disappointment for me. The beginning was great, the whole set-up, the restaurant setting, but then And it's a long way to go from page to page Frankly speaking, I just found the rest of the book incredibly boring.

I read them for fun. I read them because, in my opinion, not a lot of authors can capture this feeling of change and growth, combined with lovely summer vibes and a swoon-worthy guy as well as her.


The next thing is the quirky group of new friends. And then, Dave was a big disappointment as the love interest. From his description, he sounded very interesting: Sorry to say, but with books like this my rule is: All in all, if you are a Dessen fan like me, you will probably read this anyway and form your own opinion. View all 12 comments. Sep 27, Pinky rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together.

Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go. Needing a change, Mclean decided to change her name and personality for every school she moved to. Once time she was Eliza, then she was Lizbet and later Beth. For every name, there is a different character with different characteristics. One of the names represented a smart and organized girl while the other one is a popular and cool kid. Mclean moves another time and when she does, for some reason, she feels comfortable.

Instead of going with another name, Mclean decided to go with her own name because it just slipped out. She doesn't know who she is anymore and doesn't know her real self. To make it even worse, Mclean has to deal with her mother who is constantly bothering her. Will Mclean find out who she really is, or make up another character and move again? Even if you forget it, it remembers you. This book felt so real in so many different levels.

Mclean had her flaws and that's what made her a more realistic character. I understood her feelings and it felt so good to read and agree with almost everything the character says. Sarah Dessen, how do you make such amazing books with the best lessons? I am glad I read this book after Along for the Ride because the stories connected and we got to see one of the characters from Along for the Ride in this book.

I love when stories connect, it makes the book even more realistic than it already is. It's a great thing to aspire to. The hard part is actually doing it. Dave is so hilarious and I loved the basketball scenes. The way he met Mclean was so different and funny, he is so weird but you still love him! Mclean is so easy to relate to but is very confused about her life. Riley is such a nice and supporting friend and I wish she was here in our world. Deb might be the character that goes through the exact same thing that I go through, I really like her and how Mclean helped her out.

Heather was really funny too and I really liked how she said everything she thinks, without thinking about other people's feelings. Opal was another hilarious character and although she can be a mess at times, she was still one of the best characters. Mclean's dad is easy going and I like how we get to see his side as a boss and his side as a dad. They are both completely different from each other but I really loved reading about it. I didn't like Mclean's mother much, but maybe it is because of how Mclean saw her.

I liked her a little bit more in the end, but she still annoyed me so much. I just didn't want to be me anymore. After a serious conversation or sad moment, you get a really funny scene. I recommend that you read this when you are alone because if you are caught laughing while reading, people will assume you are going crazy.

That's what happened to me. Anyway, I felt like all the characters had a side that was hilarious and they were only showing it when they were comfortable. It was really interesting to see how all the characters bonded and became closer to each other. It makes the story more real and believable and I really wish that I got a little more. I also recommend this to those who read Sarah Dessen's book because this book is amazing and I know you will love it! I also recommend this to people who haven't read a single Sarah Dessen book where have you been? Anyway, read this book! Trust me, it's really good and you won't regret it.

What Happened to Goodbye

View all 8 comments. May 10, Cara rated it really liked it Shelves: Does Sarah Dessen still have the awesome stuff? No doubt or question about it. This time around we're gonna get to follow the story of a girl named Mclean. She comes from parents that go through a tabloid worthy divorce. Going against the norm Mclean decides to stay with her dad, and up to this point has been through four moves with him. Four different girls for each move. But this fourth move is going to be distinctly different because for the first time in long while she is going to b Does Sarah Dessen still have the awesome stuff?

But this fourth move is going to be distinctly different because for the first time in long while she is going to be herself, if she can even figure out who that is exactly. The premise intrigued me a lot. I grew up as a military kid that moved around and I always did contemplate starting with a new slate. Be a different person; maybe present myself differently because the impression of who I am isn't set.

I never did because it's hard to be someone you're not, just as Mclean figures out. I felt the chaos and love that goes into restaurants. I caught the excitement of watching a basketball game I live in place where college basketball is followed like a religion, and she got the feel of it just right.

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I got to see how to start something big even if it seems impossible. I learned even a small change, one moment can make the difference. To find the people who will be home for you. I wasn't sure why some people were expressing that they didn't fall in love with Dave. I think because the relationship arc is different for Mclean and Dave that people couldn't connect with him the same way they did with the other leading guys. But he is a great guy, no disputing that. My top character choice for this book is Deb.

She is more than meets the eye and she isn't ashamed to be herself. Gotta love a character like that. Dessen fans will read the book but I urge people who haven't to try one of her books. She really is in my opinion the best young adult realistic author out today.

She captures the female teenage voice and presents it in a way that is relatable to people. Though not my favorite book I still stayed up late at night to finish and rooted for Mclean to find her normal and fully embrace the people who get who the real her is.

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While I was reading this, this song popped into my head. I was learning how to play it on the guitar and it feels like it fits the story. It's kind of the flip of what could have happen if Mclean had decided to keep running away from herself. Sep 16, Arlene rated it really liked it Shelves: Must read for Sarah Dessen fans. My deep like for What Happened to Goodbye comes down to one thing McLean and her dad have moved from town to town for the past few years. She loves being on the road with her father and changing her identity at every stop, but all that takes a turn when they come to Luna Blue.

Actions have consequences, and more so selfish actions destroy relationships. View all 21 comments. Jun 27, Muse rated it really liked it Shelves: Sarah Dessen rocks my socks! She never ceases to amaze me.: This wasn't my favorite, but I loved it anyhow. I was reading it all of first through third period. Tsk tsk, I know. But it was totally worth it.: Dec 20, Daiane rated it it was ok Shelves: Dec 26, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: What Happened to Goodbye is another hit from the queen of young-adult realistic fiction, Sarah Dessen.

As with all of her books, readers can expect a moving story filled with cleverly drawn characters and the perfect touch of romance. After her parents' divorce she travels from town to town with her dad, assuming a new identity each time. Things are different at Lakeview, though. Mclean may ju What Happened to Goodbye is another hit from the queen of young-adult realistic fiction, Sarah Dessen. Mclean may just try to be herself, if she can find who that is before it's too late.

People consistently comment on Dessen's formulaic writing style. I have to disagree - this talented lady could write a book about a girl who reads instruction manuals and watches paint dry for a living. Her writing is that good. It sucks you in and forces you to flip the pages until you've read the whole novel. Not only is it addicting, but it's neat and welcoming, like a gift that you can't help but come back to every now and then. With every book I've read by Sarah Dessen there are certain details and quirks that I adore.

The characters' names, like Opal and Riley. The model community town that brings individuals from the story together. I even enjoyed the basketball references, which clearly says something. She was such a cute little ray of sunshine or in some cases, a frenetic tornado of neatness. I hope she makes a cameo appearance in a future work by Dessen. Characters from her past novels appeared in What Happened to Goodbye , but I won't spoil who they are. Let's just say, one of them has changed a lot. The Truth About Forever and Just Listen remain as the two books I would recommend right away to a newcomer of her novels, but What Happened to Goodbye offers a solid story that shouldn't be missed by Dessen fans.

Want to read more of my reviews? View all 6 comments. May 10, Ash rated it it was amazing. Great, now I have to wait another billions years okay, probably more like 2 for another Sarah Dessen book. Really though, the reason why so many people love her books are because she just gets it. She deals with problems that not only teenagers but anyone can relate to in some way.

Another move for Mclean just means another persona. Two years and four schools Great, now I have to wait another billions years okay, probably more like 2 for another Sarah Dessen book. Two years and four schools later Mclean and her father are in Lakeview. Mclean thinks this is just another move, another school, and another girl. Was there really any doubt that Dessen would deliver? I was kind of surprised by how much I liked Mclean.

She was openly angry with her mother rightly so I might add ,no matter how much her mother pushes to be a part of her life again. I had a real understanding of Mclean. I understood why she was angry and why she did things. It almost felt I was the one who had been betrayed, and later as she comes to realizations and understandings I did too. More than anything though, I liked that Mclean was a good person.

I loved how this book was as much about Mclean as it was about her family. I found myself liking much less important characters like the endearingly stupid Leo. And holy guacamole and I do like me some guacamole!!! She put Jason in again! Like some other fans I wanted to see a happy ending for Jason or at least a progression of sorts. Weird and sensitive Deb though, by far, was my absolute favorite.

And of course the guy, Dave. They both teach Mclean that sometimes the hardest thing to do is have the courage to be yourself. Mostly though this book is about finding what it means to have a true sense of self. So to finally wrap this up, a 4. Jun 09, Brianne rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I love Sarah Dessen. Her earlier books were hit and miss for me, but I've loved everything she's written since The Truth About Forever. Except, unfortunately, What Happened to Goodbye. It's not a bad book. Dessen's prose, as always, is solid, with a few brilliant lines that made me put the book down to think.

The problem was those lines were not the only reason I put the book down. I've always found Dessen's books to have slow starts. From past experience, I know if I push through the beginning and get settled into the book's world, I'll be hooked in no time. So, I pushed through, but I still felt like I was settling into the world come the last chapter.

Between the restaurant scenes, the party, and Mclean meeting Dave, the beginning arguably has the most exciting scenes in the book. The plot dragged, the romance dragged, and the climax was very, well, anti-climatic. Beyond Mclean running away, there was no real fall-out to her friends discovering her past identities. It's beyond me why no one got mad at her. On that note, the only people Mclean ever fights with are her parents. Riley's overprotective of Dave, and despite what Mclean's told her about not wanting a relationship, she doesn't get mad when Mclean and Dave start to get closer.

While Deb may not be the type to get mad, there's no tension when Mclean essentially ditches her. Dave's never mad, or even annoyed, at her, nor is she ever mad at him. There's one scene where Dave apologizes for something, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was apologizing for.

There's very little tension, and combined with a slow plot, it was hard for this book to hold my interest. The biggest problem, though, was Mclean herself. I understand how she can reinvent her persona from town to town, but there has to be something about her character that remains constant.

Even if the point of the book is for her to find herself, there still needs to be a three-dimensional character there for her to grow into, to have her coming-of-age moment. I didn't know enough about her to care about her, or even root for her romance with Dave.

In fact, I wanted to read Riley's story of Dave and Ellis more than anything. I would've been happy to read Opal or Jason's story as well. I also found this book to be a little dizzying in the sense that I didn't always know where I was or when it was after a scene transitioned and sometimes I didn't even realize there was a transition. There was a point where I was convinced Mclean was in two places at once. I'll be the first to admit that this could be because I didn't pay enough attention, but if that's the case, it was because I was bored, and that's a problem in itself. Ultimately, the restaurant scenes, secondary characters, and prose saved this novel, but I'm still disappointed.

View all 3 comments. The guy will be quirky and loveable. A family will somehow be destroyed and put back together. The food service industry will likely appear, as will the beach. Knowing that these things will happen is like knowing that macaroni and cheese will not let me down in a time of need. At least, it never has yet She's not quite sure who she is, but is good at jumping into whatever new role and name she wants to be for a short time.

In the most recent town she meets Dave "boy genius, smoothie maker, cellar dweller" - the one who shows up in so many other books and starts to figure out who she could really be. I like a lot of the individual pieces of this story like the restaurant situation , but for some reason it's harder for me to get into this one as a whole. I think a lot of the elements are seen in other Dessen books I was definitely more into this story the first time I read it.

Jul 18, Kayla rated it liked it.

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This was a quick easy contemporary that was very sweet, the problem is I don't find Sarah Dessen books memorable like next week I won't even renember the protagonist or her love interests name. Mclean verhuisd met haar vader naar Lakeview. Ze is het gewend om i. Iedere keer bepaald ze voor zichzelf ook weer een nieuwe identiteit en zorgt ze ervoor dat ze niet te veel aan mensen 'hecht'. Maar in Lakeview gaat het toch net iets anders waar ze een vriendenclubje opbouwt en gewoon zichzelf is. Tegelijkertijd worstelt Mclean met de relatie met haar moeder.

Ze neemt haar de scheiding van h Mclean verhuisd met haar vader naar Lakeview. Ze neemt haar de scheiding van haar ouders erg kwalijk en heeft dan ook besloten niet bij haar, haar nieuwe man en hun peutertweeling te wonen maar met haar vader mee te reizen. Sarah Dessen heeft zo'n fijne schrijfstijl dat ik echt verslingerd ben aan haar boeken. Aug 01, Mary Ann marked it as to-read. I've been waiting for her to write a new book since along for the ride came out!! Aug 20, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it liked it.

Another cute, quick Sarah Dessen read. Her books always make me feel so nostalgic in the best way. May 21, C.

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Cabaniss rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my twelfth Dessen novel. In the last two years I have read all of her published works and am now waiting for book thirteen. But back to this one. I really enjoyed this overall. It was understandable why Mclean reacted the way she did to her parents' divorce. I had a hard time liking the mother at all, but she did grow on me a little.

All of the friends that Mclean and her dad make in Lakeview are great. Deb is my favorite. She does some odd things that really remind me of myself. I like This is my twelfth Dessen novel. I like Dave for the same reasons; I see myself in his character. Riley, Heather, and Ellis were each fun additions, though I wasn't sure about them at first.

And then there's Jason. He gets his own paragraph because I would like to see more of him. I would really like a novel where he's our main guy. Can you give me that? I know you could make it great. This isn't my favorite Dessen novel, but it was really good. It's quite well balanced and it, along with some of her other recent books, shows how much she has grown as a writer.

The basketball rivalry was fun to see from a distance. Very North Carolina in tone there. And the restaurant was a nice touch. Jun 05, Alyssa rated it liked it Recommends it for: People who suffer too much real-life excitement and need something to sleep on. Mclean plays a game of dancing personas — in each town and school that she transfers into with her father, the restaurant fixer-upper, she changes every little thing about her.

Lakeview, though, seems to be a magical town because the people who see the true Mclean, somehow, convince her that maybe it's time to make a home. This book is so freaking long, and so freaking boring, I actually had to convince myself to keep reading. As a fan, I was primarily excited that there was more Dessen to go around, but once I got past the 90 page mark, I was ready for this book to end. One of the main issues with WHTG lies in the pacing — nothing exciting happened in this book, and since there was no tension, it became dull and tedious.

She finds out that her dad and Opal have been dating. Two weeks later, Mclean and her friends have finished the model, and her dad has officially been assigned to the project in Hawaii. Opal has submitted her resignation, and once the Luna Blu building is put on the market, she plans on buying it to start her own restaurant.

Mclean is packing up her belongings because her mom is picking her up and taking her to Tyler that day. As Mclean and her mom are starting to drive away, Mclean's mom stops the car and decides she can't take her daughter away from Lakeview and all of her friends; she can't make Mclean move again. Mclean moves into Opal's spare room and finishes her senior year at Jackson High.

A recurring theme in What Happened to Goodbye is the search for self-identity. In one review, Pamela Kramer from the Examiner noted that "what the reader learns through Mclean is the importance of family". One reviewer stated that "working together on an intricate model of the community is a not-so-subtle metaphor for Mclean building an emotional community for herself", [9] Dessen emphasizes friendship throughout the novel by "having the characters reach out to one another to forge genuine relationships". What Happened to Goodbye has mostly received positive reviews.

Critics have praised Dessen's way of making her characters realistic.

Extended Summary

Critic Melissa DeMoux said that each character really "resonates with the reader". Many reviewers focuses on Dessen's effective character development. The LA Times said that Dessen "avoid[s] the usual cliches for such characters," [14] which makes them come to life. Not only can readers relate to the characters, but they can also relate to the situations they are faced with.

Seventeen Magazine notes that Dessens "ability to write about serious issues in an upbeat manner allows teen to relate to situations they face". Publisher Weekly commented that "the depth of her well-developed characters grabs readers' attention and leaves them anxious for each new release". Common Sense commends Dessen for having a "strong supporting cast". Critics note that Dessen writes in a simple format, but still adds depth and complexity to her novels. Galley Smith commented that "What Happened to Goodbye has some simple plot elements yet still manages to be surprisingly complex".

Karen Elliot of Library School Journal also criticized the "slight lack of tension From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 14 March Retrieved March 15, Retrieved March 17, The Horn Book Magazine.

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