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Smart Bitches, Trashy Books To put it mildly, these folks are plainspoken, but they are often laugh-out-loud funny in their opinions and don't pull any punches in their book reviews if they like it, they like it and if they don't you'll darn well know why by the end of the review. All About Romance Novels: They also added some commentary and analysis of the results. Humorous Romance Romantic relationships can be so serious, but you can't stay serious forever. Author Suggestions Consistently funny humorous romance authors: Combining laughter and love with real women's issues, Phillips adds well-drawn secondary characters and creative plotting for a sparkling love story.

Catch a Mate is expanding and has just hired their first male employee, Marcus Brody. As Jillian finds herself falling for Marcus, she wonders if she can trust him with her heart or if she'll find herself heartborken. But a handsome, mysterious man named Henry and William, an eco-friendly lodger, make Flora think country living really isn't so bad.

Most of the town takes to Mo immediately. Indeed, she knows enough about gothic terrors to have carved out a highly successful career penning horrid novels. But now the talented authoress finds herself in the midst of an ominous adventure that rivals anything she's ever written. Her beloved Uncle Reggie is dead, his house has been ransacked, and Beatrice suspects that he was murdered - all because of his keen interest in a fabled treasure that may not even exist.

Rumors abound that the Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite, said to give their possessor the most unnatural powers, have surfaced in London. Yet Beatrice needs more than rumors to uncover the truth. That's why she's braved the wilds of Devon to seek out a leading authority on antiquities and ancient legends: Five minutes in her company - that's all it takes for Leo Drake to realize that never has he met a woman more stubborn, more infuriating So when the daring widow insists upon haring off after a mythic treasure that has no doubt lured any number of men to their doom, Leo refuses to let her go alone.

Yet keeping Beatrice out of mischief - and in his arms - won't necessarily keep her safe. These two likeable rogues, good-hearted and good-humored despite their pasts, meet on a San Fransico-bound stagecoach. When they join forces to con a Chinatown crimelord their lives become complicated, dangerous and intertwined. Agnes Crandall's life goes awry when a dognapper invades her kitchen one night, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she's staked her entire net worth on.

Then a hero climbs through her bedroom window. His name is Shane, no last name, just Shane, and he has his own problems: When he finds out that Agnes isn't so little, his uncle has forgotten to mention a missing five million bucks he might have lost in Agnes's house, and his last hit was a miss, Shane's life isn't looking so good, either.

Then a bunch of lowlifes come looking for the money, a string of hit men show up for Agnes, and some wedding guests gather with intent to throw more than rice. Agnes and Shane have their hands full with greed, florists, treachery, flamingos, mayhem, mothers of the bride, and - most dangerous of all - each other. Agnes and the Hitman is the perfect combination of sugar and spice, sweet and salty - a novel of delicious proportions. She chooses the island of Seaside Cove, North Carolina, but the accomodations aren't exactly what she expected.

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Do You Love Christian Fiction? Pin It on Pinterest. Powered by GDPR plugin. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. You can adjust your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. In this book, every form of Christian worship common today is reviewed. Is your worship unbalanced with so much of one thing that it chokes out other ways that please God? In order to show true agape love to their families, to each other, and to their God, they must conquer their selfish and lustful desires with true love, remaining patient, submissive, and pure.

Will they learn to wait on the Lord? Or will they rush into an impure relationship and sully their love with guilt?

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Alana McWayre is a lovely, docile lass of noble lineage, but no man will offer her marriage. She is the daughter of a notorious traitor who decimated the clan during a post-Jacobite uprising. Gavin expects nothing more from his arranged marriage to Alana than a compliant wife who will produce the future heir and an escape from her malicious, deceitful cousin. Trouble erupts between the Carmichael and Gilmour clans. With rumors swirling of tainted blood and witchcraft, Alana becomes a prisoner in her own home.

But it will take a higher power to save Alana from the evil hidden behind the walls of Gilmour Hall. Follow Crystal as she battles for freedom from a celebrity cult, and forms a team of ex-cult members — including a male model and the lead singer of a boyband — to bring down the cult. Will they succeed, or are they too spoiled to pay the price? Sixteen-year-old Cassie detests her muffin top. But how can she lose those nineteen pounds?

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She was there for one reason only: If given another chance, will She choose Sam all over again, or will they go their separate ways? Will Lucy be willing to grant his last request and become the widow Hunter? Paul traveled nearly miles on his second missionary trip? The trip of a lifetime awaits her after the holidays. For Shelby Smith, enough is enough.

She loves eating too much. Inspired by a Bible study about making the body a fit temple for the Holy Spirit, she convinces her scrawny best friend, Jason, to help her develop a simple weight loss program. Helping her lose weight to attract some other boy?

Not an appealing prospect. What can he do? Jason should send Cassie romantic notes — as her secret admirer. What a great idea! Katie Dennis committed to serve as a nurse in the Amazon even after her fiance died on a training flight. Matt Gibbs, missionary pilot, finally settled on a good choice for a wife, someone known to his family all their lives.

Why, then, did the new blonde nurse make him feel like doing barrel rolls in the Amazon sky? Romance and unforeseen danger flow in the Brazilian Amazon as Katie searches for a fulfilling and meaningful life — one that quickly becomes more exciting than her wildest imagination! Little do they know how much a marriage of convenience will shake up their lives. Brandon Spark may know a thing or two about women as a romance author, but his real love life proves otherwise.

Between his hang-up over a college friend and bouts with social anxiety, dating is the last thing on his mind… until he runs into his old crush. Hair stylist Bria Montgomery made some major mistakes a decade ago — wandering from her faith, then getting pregnant and dropping out of college. When an unexpected custody battle forces them to become husband and wife, things get intense and personal — fast.

Will this sudden change end their friendship or spark a lasting romance?

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When her desperate plan to trick Adam into paying her way across the country goes awry, her guilty conscience compels her to stay in the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek to find a way to repay him the cost of the train fare before she moves on. Marvin, Renee Riva, Janice Thompson. As Luke discovers the real reasons for this assignment, will he be able to choose between doing his job and protecting the woman he loves?

When Diego Campos meets Marguerite Kinicki in the midst of a hostage situation, he is determined to date her. She has it all: Not to mention there have been two previous attempts on her life.

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Safely ensconced in a mountain chalet overlooking the picturesque town he can control the environment. Control the environment, control the mission. After a tragic accident, working through grief is one of the most difficult things that Brianna and her husband must do. Although she blames God, through his gentle touch, she learns that He is still with her even through her pain. Miraculous events surprise and delight her. These can only be from God but what do they mean?

Billionaire actor Brent McKasson wanted something different in life. Tired of being typecast in the same action roles, he decides to take some time off to think. However, his car breaks down in the small town of Soda Spurs, Texas. Sam Jenkins moved to Soda Spurs after a hard breakup. All she wanted to do was open up an auto shop and return to her small town roots. Then Brent McKasson lands in her lap. But can a spark between two opposites create a lasting love?

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Or will his fame and her independence keep them apart? Three homeschooling mamas prepare their homes and hearts for the Holiday Season. Somewhere among the glitter and sparkle of Christmas, the grit and spit of real life smacks them across the cheek. With the town pageant approaching, Lydia, Kat, and Flora are faced with disappointment, dashed dreams, a thief in their midst, and the teetering fate of a missing teenager.

One near-fatal incident, two weddings, and an earth-shattering revelation later, and the lives of these four former strangers are now inextricably bound. After a year of upheaval, things are finally falling into place for everyone. And, with the support of Brandon and her newfound family members, Paige has stayed grounded throughout a series of life-changing discoveries.

Heart and Home (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection Book 4)

The Anniversary: Christian Contemporary Romance - Kindle edition by Samantha Bayarr. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ The Anniversary: Christian Contemporary Romance by Samantha Bayarr on BookBub. CLEAN ROMANCE, When Sadie makes a harmless wish at her fiftieth .

Unfortunately, the family that fought so hard for their happy ending quickly learns they must fight just as hard to keep it. After losing Paige to Brandon, Mason is determined to move on. Meanwhile, when old acquaintances come forward with life-altering revelations, Victoria is left to grapple with a profound choice — forgive, and deepen her faith, or risk losing her hard-won family to the very secrets that brought them together. Jessica Donnelly is the daughter of a wealthy family living in Rochester, New York. Through a misunderstanding, her reputation became compromised and her parents feared she would no longer be eligible to marry into a high society family.

Her mother decided it would be best for her to go to England and meet a man who would not be familiar with the local gossip. However, Jessica did not want this for herself and in fact was much more comfortable with a life of reading, being around animals and spending time outdoors than attending card parties and fancy events. She decided to take matters into her own hands and browse the advertisements in a matrimonial newspaper to find a man out west who might be kind and love her for who she is instead of her dowry. Jessica writes to Timothy Lane, the sheriff in Billings, Montana. She hides her wealth from him as well as her reason for desperately wanting to move out west.

Can Sheriff Lane, a man who lives with stray animals in his house, be a match for someone who wears lace and was raised with etiquette lessons, musical instruction and tea parties? How does he deal with his awkwardness around her and his discomfort with her upbringing? Can Jessica adjust to Montana Territory and a man who keeps a raccoon and other animals in his home plus has a few secrets of his own?

Feeling down on herself after a breakup with her ultra-critical boyfriend, Teresa arrives in Crescent Cove, Oregon, for a weekend getaway. Then a chance encounter with a cute guy on the beach gives her the opportunity to reinvent herself…. Curt Mason is spending the summer avoiding women and getting over a broken heart. When he meets Terese from Paris on the beach in Crescent Cove, his vow quickly goes out with the tide. Who is this mysterious woman, and why is he suddenly wracking his brain to remember every bit of French he learned back in high school just to try to impress her?

Being Terese seems to bring out the best in Teresa, until her little game turns into a French knot of deception. Does she dare let Curt meet the person God made her to be? Jessa Davidson enjoyed a lifelong fascination and desire for life on the prairie. However, she never expected that fascination to become reality. In Prairie, Jessa examines the innermost parts of her soul and discovers desires she never knew she had. From the moment she awoke, transported from the cold Pennsylvania winter, on the sunbathed summer prairie, she knew her life would never be the same. The people of Prairie welcomed her and accepted her—almost without question, but so much of her life changed in that moment—her hopes, dreams, values, and the absolutes of things like time—that she feared accepting her new life as reality.

Is Prairie the dreams of her life come true—or her worst nightmare? Trace the exact date changes were made in church worship since the first century. These changes were mostly led by popes who had bought their office, led armies against people rejecting them, and had questionable personal relationships.

Trace the protesters since the second century and the persecution they endured, often being burned at the stake. Discover the hymns we sing still today written by the protesters, sometimes just hours before their torturous death. Then be challenged to go forward! Back to the Bible.

Be challenged to get rid of denominationalism and unite only in Christ with our only headquarters being in heaven. Newly married, Rey and Callan Douglas, begin their ministry as youth pastors in an affluent church in the suburbs. Rey desires to lead the students into a deeper relationship with the Lord, but settles instead for a comfortable existence of parties and fellowship. The couple moves in fast forward never slowing down to hear the voice of the Lord directing them to pray for the hurting, comfort the grieving or witness the life changing love of the Lord to another.

Six years later, the consequences of their decision is felt when Rey accepts a position as senior pastor at Community Outreach Church in Hillbrooke, Michigan. This dream job met all his material needs; a beautiful parsonage, affluent church membership and a generous pay package. Shortly after his arrival in Hillbrooke, the Holy Spirit speaks to Rey, gently leading him to step out from the comfort of the familiar and reach out beyond the walls of his church building. Following a tragedy, Rey is faced with regret and sorrow for his lack of action.

Did he take a job based solely on money and power, choosing less in the end? Will he reach out to the broken, love the unlovely and care for those in prison or will he surrender to other voices choosing the path of least resistance? Scullery maid Lucy Forman has been serving at Worthington House since the day she turned sixteen.

Now, at nineteen, she is asked to take over the duties of gathering chicken eggs out by the stables. When Stable boy James Parker notices the young redhead in place of Bossy Betty, he suddenly takes a deep interest in repairing loose boards down at the coop. Landon Smith vowed never to return to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Despite her faith, the memories might undo her. But a shadowy figure has been skulking around the Green Dory Inn — seen only by her friend Anna. No matter the cost.

With the police unable to find solid clues, and the incidents escalating, Landon must help Anna discover the truth about the prowler and stop him. Before he turns violent. Hospital administrator Rondi Kaye begins her first Kansas Christmas with a giant Douglas fir tree wedged into her front lobby. New ambulance driver Layne Pearce lends a different kind of interest to her holiday hubbub, and when he tosses a candy-invitation to her during the parade, a romantic adventure launches.

But Christmas is all about miracles, even when the night is not calm and bright. Unlike her relatives, who either joined the lucrative jewelry business or became thieves, rookie cop Ava Davis chose public service. After being wrongfully accused, former cop Gabriel wants nothing to do with the police and longs for restful holidays. Once deceived, can he trust her? Then an extravagant hotel guest is murdered, her jewels missing, and Ava is attacked… Can Ava and Gabriel solve their issues — and the mystery — before Christmas? Young widow Abby Kincaid treasures the past, both the antiques she sells in her shop and the tender memories of her late husband.

When she learns that her hometown plans to sell historic Rose Park, a place central to her marriage, she vows to stop the sale. Nate Redmond, a former Manhattan lawyer, is eager for a fresh start in small-town Missouri. Arranging the sale of outdated Rose Park looks easy, the perfect way to help the town fund the larger recreational space it needs.

His role might even impress Abby, the pretty new neighbor he feels so drawn to. But as Nate and Abby clash over the park, more serious obstacles threaten their relationship. Mistakes that Nate had hoped to forget continue to haunt him. Abby comes face to face with her failure to forgive. And how can Nate compete with the memory of a decorated war hero? When the park battle brings on a crisis, can they each find the courage to believe in a God of second chances and a future where their love can grow? Now the killer is coming for Andrea, and Liam and his partner are the only ones standing in the way.

For years Route 66 was the main thoroughfare across the United States. Come take a romantic ride on the Mother Road. But can these secrets be forgiven, healing old wounds and mending broken hearts, or will the mistakes of the past be repeated? Can he truly love her? Unlike her disgraced sister, Abigail Williams obeys the Commandments.

At least, she thinks herself a Christian until a buckskin-clad newcomer courts her. He treats her kindly but also introduces her to a sermon by the controversial preacher, George Whitefield. Her self-righteousness is shattered, and she wonders about their relationship. If she confesses her lack of faith, will John continue to love her?

Jack Hunter is about to be hanged for the murder of his neighbor. He asks Lucy Hamblin, the only girl he ever loved, to marry him in the jail. Her father broke them up four years ago, but now her father is dead. Will Lucy be willing to grant his last request and become the widow Hunter? Molly Beluga was abandoned at the altar and has no intention of heading back there anytime soon. When she crosses paths with an arrogant fireman, she knows better than to let her heart get involved.

Tim Holden left the family newspaper to become a fireman with the Atlanta Fire Department. After a lifetime of watching the newspaper business consume his family, he has no time for journalists, let alone a beautiful and feisty journalist with no regard for anything other than getting the story. Will these enemies sheath their swords long enough to formulate a plan that just might bring their warring families back together? After four months on the job, twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Harper has become something of a jack-of-all-trades on the Cooper Bar-6 Ranch…except for her cooking.

Not that dishing out hard truth will make her feel any more alive. So she cooks and cleans and counsels, at once harboring anger against a man she has never met and numbing herself against the life she has forgotten to desire. He talks to imaginary characters. Can they team up to solve a family mystery? Tate Darrow just messed it up. Patch A honeymoon cottage reunites a pair of childhood friends.

Can it offer them a future filled with happily-ever-after?

  1. What is robbed? (Spanish Edition).
  2. Contemporary Romance.
  3. Legal Tender: Love and Legitimacy in the East German Cultural Imagination (Signale: Modern German Le!

Amant When conventional meets creative, who will get the last word? Poor and without dowry — and even worse — now orphaned, Miss Carly Blakemore is thrown into the Victorian world without aid. Carly is forced to seek a position as governess in the house of Lord Huntington, the Earl of Dunfordshire — a man alone in his own right — and under suspicion for the tragic murder of his well-known and adulteress wife.

See a Problem?

However, in the midst of his resentments, he finds himself strangely drawn in by her very no-nonsense ways that drive him to madness. Carly stands her ground in head-to-head battles of will that take her to the brink of dismissal. Carly and the earl continually fight the feelings growing between them. Both are oblivious to the clouds of deceit and intrigue that are growing around the manor house, some bent upon removing the beautiful, headstrong governess permanently.

A final desperate chase leads to an interception of a ship upon the high seas headed for the Mediterranean and a secret society of white-slave traders. She has already lost too much. When she meets Evan Bryant, their mutual attraction sends her running from the possibility of another loss. Principal of Hawthorn Christian Academy Evan Bryant never thought he would be attracted to another woman after the death of his beloved wife.

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Meeting Jenna convinces him that he can love again, but is there hope that they can move beyond their pasts and find happiness together? War widow Randi Pearson enjoys sending Christmas cards to men and women serving in the armed forces—until retired major Troy Brennan shows up as a post office volunteer.

Can Troy convince Randi to let go of the past and move into the future? Baltimore-born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by her seventeenth birthday. Captain Lovell takes his bride to Charleston, provides her with a beautiful home on the Battery and good standing in Charleston Society. Three years later Rose is a widow. Rose senses he does not like her. One day he brings a young woman with child to her — and a secret that must be kept. A little girl is born, and Rose becomes a mother.

Captain Wyatt offers to marry her in name only to protect her from Charleston society gossip, but she is determined she will not marry a second time for protection. She will marry for love or live alone. Just three months later, August 31st, the city of Charleston suffers the worst earthquake of the century. Her beautiful home is in shambles. She and her infant daughter take the next ship to Ireland. She has begun to hope she has finally found happiness when Captain Wyatt comes with news that shatters her heart. Every person Rose loves is taken away.

Her faith in God is shaken. Captain Wyatt breaks her heart, not once but twice. When Lisa Marsh is roped into serving Thanksgiving dinner at the local community center, she meets lively teenagers, stubbornly independent veterans, eccentric elderly people, and a particularly rude and scruffy homeless man named Pete. She sets out to find him a decent job and make him respectable — whether he likes it or not — but her small project of helping Pete snowballs into a large Christmas ministry.

And the vagabond can be very charming when he wants to be…. Her own brother joined the angry mob, carrying two hay-stuffed figures of a bride and groom. The bride represented Harriet and the groom her fiance Elias. One young couple finds the courage to follow their own hearts and defy an angry town. He was a man of faith caught between two cultures who could not bring himself to ask her again. Lily Rountree wishes she could skip December all together. In fact, for the last two decades, memories of the death of her twin, Poppy, have traumatized her so much that she forgets the simplest things, like closing the door to her house.

And she falls asleep at the worst times in the most embarrassing places.

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Official Video)

When missionary kid Kennedy Stern volunteers at a local pregnancy center, she has no idea a mysterious phone call is about to change her life … Or destroy it. A girl Kennedy will risk everything to rescue … whether she wants to or not. Despite his handicap, the beautiful Kissara becomes his wife, King David becomes his friend, and the forests become his mission.

Though he must constantly deal with three enemies who do everything they can to make his life miserable, Mefiboset, grandson of a king, is an overcomer, a climber, a conqueror who triumphs in the end. When his youngest son writes a letter to God asking for a Mom for Christmas, Dylan reluctantly starts dating again. His lifelong friend, Joy Avila, agrees to help him find the right woman.

Overweight and teased in school, Joy never hoped her first crush, Dylan McGregor, would return her feelings. The trip of a lifetime awaits her after the holidays.

Instead, will she find her dreams right there in Rios Azules? For the last ten years, disaster has struck on Christmas Eve, leaving Tori dreading the holidays. Gabe Robertson is a different man than he was in college. He also uses the lights to raise money for Operation Mistletoe, an organization that sends Christmas to troops stationed overseas. Will her investigations destroy any chance of a Merry Christmas? Nurse Lana Smith gives herself a gift for Christmas, a fresh start in a small town.

When Arturo gradually thaws her frozen heart, can her Christmas wish for family and affection come true? Lana challenges Arturo to reach for stars of faith and love. Samantha Evans lands in Moose Creek, Maine, where parishioners chew up new ministers for breakfast. Happily, she also reunites with forest ranger Eric Palmer, her best friend from her teenage years. But how does Matilda the moose factor into the mix? Hector Clause is playing Santa in the family owned toy store under sufferance as a favor to his grandfather.

Besides his little boy, Jamie, one other thing in his life has turned out sweet and successful — his pastry business. Levi Emerson and his partner, Clyde Forester, have been undercover for over a year chasing the ring leader of the largest cattle rustling group.

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After months of pursuit, they are closing in on their target, and looking forward to bagging their bounty. When Levi arrives at the ranch, he poses as a cowboy in order to gain employment at the ranch and catch the cattle thief. Abigail Larsen is the daughter of one of the largest cattle barons in all of Taylor, County Texas. When Levi and Abigail accidentally encounter each other, the connection is instant, but they both know a relationship between them can never be due to their circumstances. Yet, as the couple continue to spend time together through various circumstances, the connection only deepens.

Will Levi catch his wanted thief and collect his bounty? Will he tell Abigail the truth about who he is?