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Merlin has been cancelled, just when it was getting really good

A fter five years, Merlin is about to bite the dust. Despite hopes that the series would be renewed for a sixth year, it has been announced that the show will wrap up with a two-part story at Christmas. There may be films or spinoffs after that, which could either continue the story or reboot it completely, but that's beside the point. Merlin as we know it won't be coming back, and I for one am quite upset.

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The biggest joy of Merlin came from watching it improve year on year. When it began, for all its flashy production values, Merlin basically told the same story every week.

A disgruntled sorcerer would sneak into Camelot, angered by King Uther's hawkish anti-magic stance, and try to kill Prince Arthur. Then Merlin would save Arthur at the last minute with some furtive magic and go home to Richard Wilson, who would inevitably feed him some bad food. Someone would fart, there would be a sad trombone noise and that would be that.

So many mage Pawns with Guardian?

But gradually, as it found its feet, Merlin stopped this listless wheel-spinning and started moving things on. Morgana, the previously insipid peripheral character, turned into Robert Smith from the Cure and kept trying to murder everyone. The Round Table was created. And at this precise moment in time, Merlin is better than it has ever been. It has moved on from its shaky start and transformed into a brilliant kind of Poundland Game of Thrones.

I assumed that there was so much more to look forward to. None were hurt badly; however, Medivh fainted after casting several spells. In a sweat, he stumbled into his father's room and, when his father touched his brow, the power his mother had given him awoke.

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By the time the force had subsided, his father was dead and Medivh nearly so himself. Spanning over twenty years, Medivh, in a coma caused by Sargeras, was tended by his friend Lothar, as well as the clerics at Northshire Abbey. It is unknown if the two events are connected in some way.

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Medivh awoke over twenty years later under a facade of control, and assured the court and his mother Aegwynn that he was fine. But the dark spirit of Sargeras twisted his thoughts and emotions towards an insidious end. With Medivh's powers growing exponentially daily, he had set out to know everything, and he even consorted with the Legion of the Lower Planes. He began to search for something with which to destroy the humans of Azeroth, whom he saw as the only thing standing in his way of true power. He found that on Draenor. Bargaining with the warlock Gul'dan from his chambers in the tower of Karazhan , Medivh promised to furnish Gul'dan with the location of the Tomb of Sargeras if Gul'dan would bring the Horde to Azeroth and destroy the humans.

Aegwynn then appeared to Medivh, trying to reason that this was the wrong path to take, but he heard nothing. They battled, with Medivh emerging the victor and banishing her from his sight. But the battle had drained him, so he attempted to draw power from the very land itself. Aegwynn had survived the battle with Medivh, who promptly set up magical wards to ensure that his mother lived in peace.

Aegwynn wasn't the only one to confront the maverick guardian. Arcanagos , a blue dragon and one of the guardians of magic, paid visit to Karazhan to attempt to sway Medivh from the path he was being led down. Finally the blue resorted to using force, but was overpowered by Medivh and burned from within.

Once again Medivh was left drained and left to recover his strength. It was shortly after this time that the mages of Dalaran sent Medivh an apprentice.

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The only difference at all is the simplification of guardian runes to outlined squares and charge runes to filled circles. For my sins, I was murdered by those who I cared for the most. Confident that the world was safe for now, and that he had repaid a fraction of debt for his terrible sins, Medivh vanished, to take his place "amongst the legends of the past. Jaina, Thrall, and Malfurion became convinced that victory could only be achieved through an alliance, and they rallied together to defend the World Tree , Nordrassil. The battle between the two shook the tower to its foundations and sent the would-be revelers fleeing.

This young apprentice was known as Khadgar , a name which among the dwarves meant Trust. Time passed as "Young Trust" studied under Medivh. He lived within Karazhan with a few others: Medivh studying, Moroes serving as his aide, and Cook the Chef making meals. Around this time, the war began picking up between the orcs and the humans, as the orcs increasingly struck out of the Black Morass.

Medivh was sober about this, even remarking that it was happening as planned. Unbeknownst to anyone Medivh and Garona had a brief affair which later resulted in a child, the mixed race Med'an. King Llane thought of it as one of Medivhs mood swings and did not pay much attention to it, though Lothar believed it was a matter of importance and that further investigation was needed.

Later on, he led a troop of human forces including Khadgar and Garona to deal with the crazed Guardian. While battling, Medivh cast a spell to drain the youth and power out of Khadgar, making his hair grey and his body useless.

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With a sword, Khadgar managed to deliver a final strike to his master, ending his life and purifying him from the demon-lord Sargeras. As Medivh was dying, the body started to transform into demon-like shape and to finish it; Lothar had to decapitate it, banishing Sargeras into the Nether. At the height of his powers, Medivh worked his magics and struggled with Sargeras in his tower of Karazhan. His powers were such that the trauma of his death laid a curse on his once wondrous tower and the surrounding area that became Deadwind Pass. The tower has become such a dangerous and accursed place, that those that venture in never return Violet Eye chain.

When Khadgar killed Medivh and destroyed the spirit of Sargeras, Medivh's spirit escaped. Medivh briefly returned to Karazhan, where he interacted with a past version of Khadgar though it was a future version of Medivh from Khadgar's perspective. He explained to his erstwhile apprentice that with his burial in the past by Khadgar and his current return to life, the good the Guardian and the evil Sargeras battling within him had been destroyed, and that he was, perhaps for the first time, only Medivh.

Dragon Aspects

Long after the Second War, a strange prophet appeared to various denizens of Azeroth. He appeared to deliver a warning of a looming apocalyptic threat. The young warchief of the Horde — Thrall , son of Durotan —had a dream where the orcs and humans were fighting against each other while infernals rained from the sky. He awakened and The Prophet told him it was a vision, that he must go to the ancient lands of Kalimdor if he wished to save his people, Thrall sensed the truth of his words and set sail to Kalimdor in the far west beyond the sea. Medivh, The Prophet, chose to remain uninvolved directly in the upcoming war leading some to suspect he had remained a ghost.

He has the ability to turn into a black raven. The Horde went to Kalimdor; however, convincing the humans was found to be more difficult. The king's son, Prince Arthas , refused to leave his beleaguered people. Only the young daughter of Daelin Proudmoore , and apprentice of Antonidas, Jaina , sensed that he was perhaps right. When he appeared to her after the destruction of Stratholme , she heeded his warning and prepared to leave for the west. She set sail with a group of her people just as the invasion began.

Thrall arrived to Kalimdor looking for his destiny, and his new acquaintance Cairne Bloodhoof — chieftain of the Bloodhoof tribe —suggested he go to the Oracle. Appendices Redirected from Lore: Masser is clearly a color-modified version of real-life photos of Mars.

Secunda's real-life base is less clear-cut but it might be based on Triton , the largest moon of Neptune. Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Create account Log in. The Warrior Last Seed. The Mage Rain's Hand. The Thief Evening Star. The Apprentice Sun's Height. The Lover Sun's Dawn. The Steed Mid Year. The Atronach Sun's Dusk. The Shadow Second Seed. The Lord First Seed.