Delhi - An Expat and NRI Survival Guide

Our Delhi Struggle

This makes India a very crowded and busy place.

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India has many different religious and ethnic groups. Whilst historically Indian represented a destination that people moved away from to find their wealth in the west, a reverse trend is slowly emerging and a growing number of people are leaving their home countries to sample expat life in India.

What is it like being a foreigner living in India? Ft. The Surfing Violinist family

At present, there are believed to be between 20, and 30, expatriates living in India and, whilst this is just a fraction of the , foreigners in China, the number is increasing on a yearly basis. India's expatriate community has a wide range of different people. The region is popular with teachers, artists and spiritualists as well as CEOs and executives of international corporations. The majority of cities in India offer expatriates a very good standard of living for a relatively low cost and the majority of expats live quite affluent lifestyles.

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The cost of most things, including entertainment, education, housing and food is lower than that in western countries, even within the developed cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi. According to the Mercer cost of living survey in , New Delhi and Mumbai dropped considerably in the list of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live — by 28 and 19 places respectively. For full and comprehensive details of the cost of living in India, please see our relocation guide. English is also prevalent and is the major language of the trade and service sectors.


There are an additional 14 other official languages and 37 different languages in total spoken throughout the country and each state has its own language. Hindi is commonly spoken in the upper half of India.

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Yep, no denying it. And here it what it looks like: Now that I'm in India travelling to all 36 states and union territories, and India before partition, its become invaluable. One option is to carry some food with you to give those who ask — just some water or leftovers from your dinner. Other people are attached to big organisations and are doing their India stint.

However, Southern India, especially the four southern states, have very few Hindi speakers and many more English speakers. India is a vast country with diverse weather patterns. There are generally two seasons in India; a rainy season and dry season. From October to March, the weather is, on the whole, drier and mild. I did an introductory Hindi course at the University of Auckland and continued with a tutor from there. I learn a great deal from my girlfriend, friends, and YouTube too.

New Zealander launches 'India Survival Guide' for expats, in shuddh Hindi

Its made me more of a social person because every day I'm attempting to practice Hindi with strangers I meet. I've made many new friends too with my interest in Hindi. They're usually amazed and intrigued. They're all busy learning English, and here I am learning Hindi.

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It's the last thing they expect! Which is why I made the video I did. I wanted to show the world the beauty of language connecting people who usually cannot communicate.

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Because I spend so much time in India my use of Hindi today is to connect with locals and to integrate the best I can into life in India. I want to be able to do everything myself in India in Hindi and not have to rely on friends to translate when I don't understand. Assimilating into a foreign country you're living in is very important to me. Do you feel more welcomed and safe because Hindi helps you communicate with locals? I've always felt welcomed and safe in India whether I speak Hindi or not.

Indian hospitality is the best and locals will go out of their way to help guests here whether they speak a common language or not.

Help, I’m in Delhi and everything is mental!

What do your friends back in New Zealand have to say about this and your Youtube channel? My friends back home are all surprised by the attention I'm getting, most of them didn't realise I had YouTube channel. New Zealanders who are posting comments on my channel have been extremely proud that I'm representing New Zealand so well by speaking Hindi in India.

Your only expat guide to living in India; Feel at home abroad – Fast!

Delhi or Dilli is India's first city. Delhi scores much better than all other Indian cities in terms of global connectivity and urban infrastructure. Several expats have. This is a handy guide for a foreigner or returning NRI, who plans to live in New Delhi. The ebook is written in a Q&A format and has answers related to finding a .

I'll be making a video teaching travellers the most useful travel phrases.