Westhope: Life as a Former Farm Boy

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  • Life as a Former Farm Boy.

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Westhope: Life as a Former Farm Boy

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His holistic vision for the future of rural America will inspire the many people working to make the good life—from the family farm to Main Street—a reality once again. Dean Hulse is a freelance writer and an activist for issues of land use, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture. He lives in Fargo, North Dakota.

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Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Westhope Life as a Former Farm Boy His book is a paperback and pages. A Genetic Propensity for Populism pp. Hulse chooses not to become a parent, he has much to say about character and how he was influenced by not only his parents and family but by Dakota weather and terrain.

It may be difficult for texting, Googling, video-game playing, and other techno-saturated readers to slow down to Hulse's natural storytelling rhythm. But for those willing to move into Hulse's relaxed and insightful realm, Westhope may prove to be an antidote to a world that seems, at times, to demote old-style values such as: There is nothing like the telling of a compelling farm and small town story to introduce the reader to possibilities of existence outside of frenzied postmodern parameters. Through a loosely chronological series of highly personal essays, Hulse delivers a strong critique of the destructive, shortsighted agricultural practices and economic policies that have lead to rural depopulation throughout the Great Plains.

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This accessible, warm-hearted yet sober collection of essays can actually be read and enjoyed by the very ennobled small-town and rural folks who serve as its fodder and inspiration. Sustainability and North Dakota's oil boom.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Life as a Former Farm Boy. Growing up in Westhope, North Dakota, during the s and s, Dean Hulse was surrounded by a thriving agricultural community.

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Since that time the small towns of the Great Northern Plains have witnessed severe economic decline as family farms have gradually been replaced by industrial agriculture. Life as a Former Farm Boy, Hulse recalls his idyllic childhood and adolescence in a small town that will look and feel familiar to many and movingly describes his failed attempt to carry on the family farm. Like many of his generation, Hulse discovers that the way of life he grew up with—one led by his parents and his grandparents before them—is threatened with extinction.

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Growing up in Westhope, North Dakota, during the s and s, Dean Hulse was surrounded by a thriving agricultural community. Family farms were the. I am a lifelong North Dakota resident, a farm boy, and yet I've spent fewer than half my years living on a farm. Our home sits in the midsection of North Dakota's.