Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out

Then, as I was about to start writing the third book in my Fast Feng Shui series, my beloved pointed out that lots of our website visitors were looking for clutter clearing advice from a feng shui perspective. He also gently brought to my attention that our own home, once sparsely furnished and immaculately feng-shuied, was no longer tidy or organized.

That was the moment I decided to once again focus on clearing my clutter and organizing my home and workspace. Drawing on my former career experience as a professional writer and instructional design consultant, I would create a self-study program that people could learn from in their own homes, at their own pace, that would support and guide people in finally learning to live clutter-free, forever. That program, called the Clutter-Free Forever! Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out. Although Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out follows a different format, it includes all of the text, activities, and journaling questions that made the original version of the program so successful.

It is designed to guide, motivate, teach, and inspire you to finally triumph over your clutter and reclaim your home and your life. Achieving mastery over clutter and disorganization requires a shift in emphasis and attitude. The fact that you are reading this web page means you are ready to start the transformation to a clutter-free life.

You have the dream; all you need now are the inspiration and know-how. Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and prevents you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: We share tips and take action steps for clutter free living and how to organize your life. We're thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them. When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.

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Out of Obligation Play Download 3 Stumbling Through Grief Play Download 4 Back to School Safety Play Download 5 What's Your Mental Clutter? Transitioning Into Fall Play Download 8 Learn how to create a sacred space. Why do we sometimes cruise along in life? Is your automatic response yes, when you really would like to say no?

How can we get off autopilot? Learn how to get off autopilot. How can your subconscious mind hold you back? Are you feeling not worthy and is it affecting your health? Do you have limiting beliefs that are causing you stress?

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Teresa Bruni joins us. To learn more about Teresa and her offer for listeners: Are you worried you could mix up your pills? Do you know how to organize your meds?

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Would you like to know apps to keep you on track for managing your medicine? Learn how to be in control of your medicine. How can our expectations hinder us? Why can we let go the expectations of others? Learn how to release expectations. Are you an optimist or pessimist?

Do you know why you always see the glass as half empty? What are the benefits of being an optimist? Learn tips to become more optimistic.

What is the biology of belief? What is really controlling DNA? How are our positive and negative thoughts influencing our biology? Learn more about the biology of belief and the power of consciousness in this interview with Bruce Lipton. When you are down and out can you dig deep to do what you need to? Does part of your self-care include doing the not so fun stuff? What have you been avoiding? Learn tips get what needs to be done, done in life. Does the thought of change put you into a sweat? Would you rather get a root canal than interrupt your life with something new? Ready to face a change head on?

Learn how to better roll with change. What apps can help you with spring-cleaning? Would you like to be able to be more mindful while on the go? What app can help you shake up your life if you feel you are in a rut? Learn about apps to support you with spring cleaning. Why is curiosity an important component of Ikigai? How can you explore your reason for being?

Learn tips to discover your Ikigai. You know the concept, but what is it really like to downsize? How do you downsize if you have years and years of stuff? What else besides the physical stuff would you benefit from downsizing? Learn tips to downsizing as we talk to Jim Henry and Herb Burgess. In your darkest hour can you find the good?

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No matter what, can you count your blessings? Learn tips to find the golden nuggets in life.

What spiritual commandments do you live by? Would you like to learn everyday principles to put into action? Curious about the principles your host lives by to declutter her life? Learn easy to implement strategies to make life easier and live every day enlightened. Have you heard of hygee?

Why is hygee about feeling and being present? What little changes can you make to your lifestyle to be more conscious? Learn about hygee as a possible lifestyle to bring you more present. What are the parts of you, you do not love? Where do you not love yourself unconditionally? What is your unlovable dragon within like and how can you learn to slay him or her? Learn tips to discover how to love your unlovable self.

We open up the archives with author Shaeri Richards. Are you glued to your social media? Do friends and family complain that the only interaction from you is online and not in person? Is your day shaped by the number of likes and love you get? Are you looking for ways to be organized and efficient with your social media?

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Learn tips to have a healthy relationship with social media. Where have people crossed a boundary with you? How are you letting the little things get in the way of the more important stuff? Learn how to forget that stuff. How well do you receive? When someone does something nice for you is your immediate reaction to do something in return? Are you always the one giving and not getting anything back? Learn tips to receive more fully. How do you talk to yourself? Are you even aware of what you are telling yourself?

Is your self-talk kind… until you make a mistake? Learn tips change the way you speak to yourself as we begin our month focusing on love.