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Alabastra is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Alabastra, a stark yet hauntingly beautiful land with jagged rocks and alabaster trees, is home to the Court of Winter. The growth of prismere crystal has begun to overtake the forest, transforming the trees into a deadly. This article is about the ancient type of pottery. For the as yet unidentified ancient Egyptian city, see Amarna#Name. An alabastron /ˌæləˈbæstrən, -ˌtrɒn/ or alabastrum /ˌæləˈbæstrəm/ (plural: alabastra or alabastrons;.

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Three dogs decorate the shoulder of the aryballos pl. F , F and F pls. Brown or black bands around center of body. Band skyphos Epinetron Kernos Luchnos. Alabastron policromo in pasta vitrea.

My name is Bolo Santosi. I am the leader of the revolutionary army known as the reapers blah blah blah It is part of the main story. You'll need to proceed with the main storyline to get access to Alabastra.

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You have to beat a certain character that guards the passageway. Strings were then put through these holes for easy mobility.

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The design of the first Egyptian alabastra was inspired by the palm tree , [ citation needed ] with a columnar shape, a palm capital and a stand. Later designs were made from glass decorated with various patterns, such as scallops , festoons or abstract patterns of rings or zigzags. Around the 7th century BC, alabastra spread to Greece and became an important element of ancient Greek pottery.

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There were three distinct types of Greek alabastron: Alabastra also appeared in many other places in the ancient world, notably Assyria , Syria and Palestine , [2] all having presumably been inspired by or exported from Greece or Egypt. Within a hundred years after arriving in the area, [ which? The decoration usually involved dividing the body of the vase into four horizontal zones by ornamental bands around it. The largest number in this fascicule are in white ground with the figures in outline often augmented with added red or white.

The alabastron was a container for perfume used in daily life, and the scenes on them are usually quiet ones in domestic settings, most often with women, sometimes men and youths. A good example of the latter is F pl.


On F pl. On F pls. The latest alabastron, V. The aryballos has a spherical body that may be rounded or flat on the bottom, sometimes with a ring base, a short flaring neck and a broad mouth.

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F , attributed to the Clinic Painter and dating ca. All of the figures are inscribed.

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Achilles sits dejectedly on a diphros facing Odysseus seated on a folding stool. Ajax, Phoenix and Diomedes complete the scene.

Three dogs decorate the shoulder of the aryballos pl. The author presents a very clear discussion of this unusual technique, which was used from about B.


These rather fragile vases were used as funerary gifts and dedications in sanctuaries. The subjects focus on the Dionysiac thiasos or erotic themes. F , F and F pls. The handle rises from the shoulder and curves inward attaching to the neck.


This lekythos also held fragrant oil; its use ranged from daily life to funerary, and its subjects vary considerably. Kalos is written in front of the barbiton. Nothing could be more different from this narrative scene than the decoration of the next three, F , F , F pl.