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Presumably, Unix wouldn't need a PATH variable if all commands were located in the same directory, but you'll soon be writing your own commands if you aren't already , and storing them in your own "private" command directories Section 7. Environment variables are managed by your shell. The difference between environment variables and regular shell variables Section That is, the new process gets its own copy of these variables, which it can read, modify, and pass on in turn to its own children.

In fact, every Unix process not just the shell passes its environment variables to its child processes. There's nothing particularly special about the NAME ; you can create environment variables with any names you want. But if you want to create an environment variable that holds the name of your lover, that's your business:.

If you're so inclined, you could write a program called valentine that reads the LOVER environment variable and generates an appropriate message. If you like short-term relationships or tend to forget names, this might even be convenient!

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  4. 35.3. What Environment Variables Are Good For?

By convention, the names of environment variables use all uppercase letters. There's nothing to enforce this convention -- if you're making your own names, you can use any capitalization you please.

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But there's no advantage to violating the convention, either. The environment variables used by standard Unix programs all have uppercase names. It's especially brilliant because, like a properly abstracted software design, the text is extensively cross-referenced inline making it easy to jump to the relevant section for more detail on a supporting topic. The main reason I gave this book a 4 instead of a 5 is that the information is somewhat dated ?

For example, the section on GUIs and internet security is really old although some of that is still relevant as well. I can't imagine gathering this information as easily through a google search. Plus, the authors are all vetted experts in their fields.

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It won't teach you everything you need to know about Unix, but it will give you an in depth grasp on many topics, and it's a fantastic reference for someone like me who struggles to work in a Unix environment already and wants a firmer grasp. This is one of the best technical book that I bought in the last 10 years, at least from the organizational and layout point of the view.

It contains hundreds of short articles, page or two in length organized in a remarkable way of cross-referenced, alamanc-like book. Articles are logically organized in chapters so you can read the book from cover to cover if you wish.

UNIX Power Tools

However more likely you'll end up reading the book more randomly, following the cross-references. I have some bad experience with the books organized in this way but this one is a clear exception. The book is written for beginners and experts alike, since I'm a Unix newbie I can only confirm that; I hate to say but the life of Unix SA would be much easier if the man pages would be organized in a similar way -- including examples that're almost never there.

5.4. Querying Your Terminal Type: qterm

I'm waiting for O'Reilly to update their "Unix CD Bookshelf" with third edition of this book because it's a little too heavy for carrying it with me. Still a definitive reference for Unix Command Line programming - highly highly recommended. I own both a physical copy and a kindle version.

Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition

The physical copy is frankly preferred because I refer to it so regularly. I was a newbie at that time and the book helped me out a lot. It was clear and to the point. There is so much useful information. Recently I got my own copy because I had to jump back into the UNIX world and having this book around make me feel like I can handle any task that may be required.

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Published on May 10, Published on October 3, It's fun to just open up a random page and try out whatever is there. For example, I logged in from my Macintosh terminal emulator at home and found that qterm didn't recognize my terminal type:. That is, the new process gets its own copy of these variables, which it can read, modify, and pass on in turn to its own children. You'd have to be out of your mind to read the entire thing.

This is a must have if you want to dabble or become a pro in UNIX. Will definately be well worn by me in time. It's fun to just open up a random page and try out whatever is there. See all 48 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago.

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Unix Power Tools, Third Edition. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The Linux Programming Interface: Pages with related products. See and discover other items: However, tset requires you to know your terminal type. You might log in at a new terminal and have no idea what to set the terminal type to.

Or your terminal might be configured to emulate another terminal type without your knowledge.

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New users in particular are confused by the tset prompt. In some respects, this is not a surprise, as the prompt itself can be confusing without a bit of context. Using qterm , you can make sure you always use the correct terminal type by placing the following line in your. The advantage of qterm is that it sets the terminal type without your intervention. You don't need to know your terminal type; it gets set automatically.