The Best Government Money Can Buy

The Best Government Money Can Buy

News about Lobbying and campaign finance

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The Best Government Money Can Buy?

This documentary film tells the story of Kirk Johnson, a modern-day Oskar Schindler who is fighting to save Iraqis whose lives are in danger because they worked for the U. Examining the deeply partisan split among the American electorate, the series travels to key locations across the US to help provide a greater understanding of how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come.

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Black voters in Florida hesitating…. Thomas Paine ignited revolutions and lived at the epicenter of world events but died largely ignored and disdained. What made up his roller coaster of a life? This is an enlightening way to see the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Age of Reason through the eyes of the….

While there, he learns how the fight over the monument is just one more battle in a long-running war between the county's Native American citizens and their Mormon neighbors…. What happens when the naivete of a political rookie clashes with the realities of racial politics of the American South and ultra-partisan struggles in Washington DC? Cao Goes To Washington follows the unexpected journey of Rep. The Great Speeches SoundWorks.

News about Lobbying and campaign finance

Relive the authentic thoughts and words of the legendary President Ronald Reagan. This historical compilation features highlights of some of the greatest moments in American political history.

The unions were also helped by the many White House and campaign officials whom Mr. The history of campaign-finance limits is that attention to the issue recedes when Democrats win.

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But expect it to return in time for the campaign cycle, when the media will find some new Sheldon Adelson to portray as a threat to democracy even as unions go on spending their cash below the radar. A far better reform would remove all donation limits to candidates, so nominees like Mr. The Super PACs would fade in importance and the candidates would get to better control their own message. That means the campaigns are spending a lot more per voter than they did years ago. Take a look at the math.

The Best Government Money Can Buy

Wall Street Gaming Romney Win: Compare that to how much it cost to reach registered voters in Twenty years later, George W. By our math, the cost to reach each voter in America has gone up consistently over the past three decades.

On Dvd & Streaming Best Government Money Can Buy: Francis Megahy, Jeffrey Birnbaum, Arthur H. Bryant, Meredith McGehee, David Certner, James A. Thurber . The Best Government Money Can Buy? is the first behind-the-scenes, comprehensive, non-partisan examination of the system of lobbying in Washington, DC.

And that makes the constant reach for new fundraising records a self-fulfilling prophesy. With November 6 rapidly approaching, however, the scramble to lock in those record political lobbying IRRs is in its final lap. Total raised as of Sept.

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  • The Best Government Money Can Buy.
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That company uses some of the same employees to represent the two clients, and the same databases to store information on people it will target with ads. The law was meant to separate campaigns from outside groups with wealthy donors — the theory being that large political contributions could have a corrupting influence on candidates. But it is a fuzzy line that separates the campaigns from groups such as Crossroads and the super PACs that have sprung up in the wake of a Supreme Court decision that allowed unrestricted corporate spending on campaigns.

The major super PACs helping President Obama and Romney, for example, were formed by men who previously worked as aides to the candidates. And at least 30 political consulting companies have been hired by both a campaign or party and an independent group, according to campaign disclosure reports.

The consultants provide a range of services, from polling to legal advice to media consulting. Nine Democratic congressional candidates also hired the company. In order to prevent the groups from becoming de facto extensions of the campaigns, they are prohibited from spending money at the request of candidates or using inside knowledge of their strategies or wishes. But hiring a firm that works for both sides is legal as long as information is not shared.

Advocates for tighter restrictions on political money say the weakness of the law has allowed interest groups to essentially become another arm of the campaigns. Ryan, a lawyer with the Campaign Legal Center, which supports tightening campaign finance laws. Over the past decade, more than 30 complaints of alleged coordination in federal races have been brought to the Federal Election Commission. But the complaints rarely prompt investigations because of the difficulty of collecting private communications that might prove coordination.

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The high-tech realm of online ad targeting offers a new example of how tightly integrated campaigns and interest groups can become. The company spends most of that money buying space on the Web through ad networks. Targeted Victory uses Internet video ads to persuade people to oppose Obama and vote for Romney. It also uses a stockpile of data it has collected on Web users to reach them with ads for both Romney and Crossroads.

American Hypocrisy Pt2 - Best Government Money Can Buy

Separately, Targeted Victory keeps a record of those who have visited the Romney campaign Web site or the Crossroads site, and stores that information in the same location. A look at the same custom-built software running on the Romney and Crossroads Web sites shows the tight links between the organizations.

When people visit the Romney or Crossroads site, their browsers download software written by Targeted Victory. When users move on to a site with ads, that starts another chain reaction of code, transmitting the Romney and Crossroads information to ad networks, which may then display Romney or Crossroads ads. Storing data together and using the same employees to represent Romney and Crossroads is not coordination under the law. Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster who works for prominent liberal super PACs, said he uses a password-protected computer system to keep sensitive materials from his colleagues who might work directly for candidates or the official party committees.

He praised the value of the rules as one of the only defenses keeping the work of candidates and well-funded interest groups separate. Things have taken a turn for the worse for Democrats in recent days — and just as the campaign enters what could be described as the super PAC death zone. For 10 of the past 11 election cycles, about half of the total outside money spent during the entire campaign came during the month preceding the election, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.