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Since my last post while we rested an extra day in Urubamba we have had a great time. We went straight to Puno when we got away as James was not well after not eating for 36 hour, We complexly missed the Colca Canyon and the Condors to give James an extra rest day in Puno while the rest of the rally caught us up.

I spent the morning in Puno visiting a floating reed island that people live and fish on. There main income now comes from the hundreds of tourists that visit each day.

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Rio Branco has the feeling of insecurity with every residents and business surrounded with Razor wire and electric fences. They just keep getting better and better. With the expected delay of 1 to 2 hours we gave it a miss so as not to get in to Lima to late. Oct 29, Wendy Babawi rated it it was amazing. As we near the end of the first series looking into the life of this fascinating teenager, Penny learn's more about herself than she ever thought possible.

It a very basic lifestyle with the reed islands always needing servicing and new material added. We departed Puno in separate cars as James took Jaime the photographer for the day while I travelled with John and Fiona in the organisation car. We crossed over the Andes through a high plateau to drop down into Arequipa on the edge of the Peruvian part of Atacama Desert. This was one of the most visually stunning drives of the trip with the morning surrounded be mountains caped with a fresh dusting of snow from the previous nights storms.

Then along and very rough track passing between two conical shaped volcanoes over looking Arequipa. The run up to Lima along the Pacific Coast is both beautiful and amazing with the left side of the road being the biggest ocean on earth and the right side being the driest place on earth.

Amongst this desert in the fertile lowlands and river valleys is all the farming that helps feed Peru, with the water coming from the rivers feed from the high Andes were it rain and snows.

The Heart of Penny

Our over night stop was at Nazca with some of us planning a morning flight to visit the Ancient Nazca lines best viewed from the air. This trip was a failed mission with ground control calling us back to base after the first sighting due to visibility. With the expected delay of 1 to 2 hours we gave it a miss so as not to get in to Lima to late. James and I once again arrived at the hotel last with the support crew hire car following in case we need more help then moral support as we cleaned plugs after every time in slow town traffic causing us problems.

During this trip the decision has been made that when Penny returns to Australia she will get a body taken off the chassis and a total rebuild to try and lessen the annoying little problems we have been troubled by on this trip. I know this post is a bit out of order but its been busy and today James and I are having a forced extra day due to a very bad tummy bug he picked up last night so we elected to stay in Urubamba for an extra day and catch up tomorrow while everyone is at Colca Canyon with the Condors.

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We left Rio Branco and its razor wire for the drive to the Brazilian border over fairly good tarmac with not too many potholes. So the potholes and the fact that the rear springs have been on the car ever since James and I did Africa in The decision was made to limp to the border and get into Peru before it closed at for lunch then fix on the other side. Brazil exit was as smooth as you can hope with a border and we arrived at Peru at in the middle of a thunderstorm. Rain shuts down the power and border processing stops.

Mainspring leaves is one of the few spare parts we carry.

The Darkness in Penny

The owner spoke very good English as welcomed us while we fixed. While there we had a visit from a Peruvian dog which has no hair except its tail and a Mohawk. With the help of Ian the service mechanic we had the job finished about 10 minutes after the rest of our group had cleared the border so good timing. We arrive into Porto Maldonado for a rest day and jungle visit in the dark but still in time for dinner so another great day. We started the day with an early cruise to visit parrots that eat clay out of the riverbank in special areas to get minerals they require.

The parrot activity was not great but it always impressive being on the waterways of the Amazon with the size and the flow of the river and this was only a tributary. After lunch we all headed out on a riverboat trip to a jungle walk and canoe trip around a lake. This started as good as it gets with a 2 Toed Sloth and baby in the trees as we head down the steps to the boat. The jungle walk was fun with a snake eating a frog and main butterflies before getting to the lake for sightings of Caiman, Squirrel Monkey, Bats and many different birds.

Once I started I had to keep on going until the end.

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I adore Penny Black. She is so completely flawed that she becomes extremely endearing, despite having a dark side. Loved the way that Nothing goes as planned too. Some interesting moral dilemmas and a challenging look at the issue of revenge.

The inconclusive end means I have to read the next one T H Paul continues the sage of Penny and her powers. While the premise is about the powers that Penny has it is really exploring the thoughts and actions of this teenage girl as she works through the typical issues that confront teens.

With her powers, she comes up with some atypical solutions.

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I recommend that you read all the books in order so you can fully understand all that is happening in the story. The saga of Penny Black continues Kindle Edition , 1 , 80 pages. Published January 22nd by Happy Content publishing. The Penn Friends Series 7. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Be the first to ask a question about The Darkness in Penny. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jan 22, Tim Heath rated it it was amazing. As we near the end of the first series looking into the life of this fascinating teenager, Penny learn's more about herself than she ever thought possible. We suddenly understand why so many bad things keep happening to our precious Penny. With the emergence of some, previously gone, connections, Penny has her eyes opened to something far bigger than she ever imagined while believing with fresh hope that things can get better.

Jan 24, Brad rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is book 7 of the 8 book series. In the previous books, we have followed Penny's development as she navigates the ages of 13 to 18 while trying to understand her special gift or curse. We start with Penney at 18 going into her A-level at college. The story deftly weaves her downward spiral into addiction and selling herself while she stumbles into an Internet group that promises hope and, in a surprising twist, new challenges.

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The Internet chats are easy to foll So Much Darkness! The Internet chats are easy to follow. You don't need to know all the common acronyms. This book is great to read by itself, but benefits from having read the previous books. We end with a few cliffhangers that have already wetted my appetite for Book 8. Jan 27, Zete rated it really liked it. Things are getting all and more clear!! A must read part of Penny's life! Powerful with a lot of twists and surprises. Jan 25, Wendy Babawi rated it it was amazing. Some really dark moments in this book, that had me wondering where it would lead. But the clever twist as Penny learnt more about her gift in the cyber world had me totally gripped and even holding out a bit of hope that maybe there could be a happy ending in the next and last book in the series.

I can't wait to find out!