Fight Fire With Fire

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We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Album Ride the Lightning. What have the artists said about the song? Rhythm Guitar by James Hetfield.

fight fire with fire

Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Bass Guitar Cliff Burton.

Lead guitar by Kirk Hammett. Drums By Lars Ulrich.

♪ "Fire with Fire" ♪ - Songs from The Next Step 6

Mixed At Sweet Silnce Studios. Recorded At Sweet Silence Studios. Release Date July 27, R Cooper, Twickenham uk Fire can be used to fight forest fires, albeit with a certain amount of risk.

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A controlled burn of a strip of forest will create a barrier to an oncoming forest fire as it will use up all the available fuel. There is, however, always the risk that the "controlled burn" goes out of control and starts a new inferno as happened in Australia recently.

Pete, Sheffield England I would suggest that the principle of vaccination as pioneered by Edward Jenner is a prime of example of this idea. By injecting a small dose of a virus, the body becomes able to tackle it when it is contracted naturally. If you are unlucky enough to be in the path of a wide grass fire or bush fire front,from which there is no escape, set fire to a patch of grass or bush in time to be able to step into it as the fire front, which only lasts for a few minutes, passes.

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When we 'fight fire with fire' we are likely to employ more extreme methods than we would normally do. That was what Shakespeare was referring to in King. Chances are your experiences with the phrase "fight fire with fire" have more to do with the opening track on Metallica's album "Ride the Lightning" than.

Richard Hines, Perth, Australia I've always taken "fire" to mean gunfire here - so a real-life example of this working would be any gun battle or firefight. Jonathan Weakling, Hemel Hempstead This is best illustrated in the John Wayne movie "Hellfighters", which is a fictionalized biography of the renowned oilfield firefighter, Red Adair.

Fight Fire with Fire

Crudely put - pun intended - when presented with a blazing oilwell, strap a whacking great parcel of explosive wrapped in asbestos to the end of a crane; keeping water hoses trained on it to keep it cool , position it at the base of the fire; leap from cab of crane and run like hell; detonate by remote control. The force of the explosion sucks oxygen from the surrounding area, hopefully extinguishing fire. Now all you've got to do is cap the well before it ignites again; so save that celebratory cigar for later.

Mark Power, Dublin In arid parts of Western America "controlled fires" are made BEFORE there is an uncontrolled fire partially to reduce the fuel available for the later but also because brush and forest fires are part of the natural ecology.

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