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Well-wisher definition is - one who wishes well to another: an admiring supporter or fan. The Well Wishers Based on a solid foundation of melody, songcraft, and the ever important "musical hook", the Well Wishers' deliver a warm, full-bodied sound.

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In Another Life I Like You Better April Is Only a Lie Never Let You Down There Goes My Gun I'm Not The Enemy Come Out and Play Arrogance Is Gone The New Fade Out Is that all it was? If you're going to write about race, even in the s, you've got to be a little more obvious about it. Being embarrassed or coy or smug which is the feeling I got does not help matters in the least.

We had before this book read Because of Winn-Dixie and Kate DiCamillo handles death, war, neglect, and sorrow and she looks 'em straight in the face, and, honestly, I could still read the book to a six year old. The Well-Wishers was a sorry follow up. Aug 23, Maria Antonia rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the sequel to Magic or Not? In this one, the magic wishing well is up to its old tricks. The children make wishes, but they're not sure if it's really the well.

This book, oddly enough, is written in first person, from multiple perspectives of the children. My favourite one was the "Anonymous" chapter that gives several clues as to the identity of the character. Of course, it's easy to figure out who the character is! The "magic" in these two books are not as prominent. I do love the stor This is the sequel to Magic or Not? I do love the story about the new family moving in which caused within the community.

Eager doesn't ever say exactly what the "problem" is, but it becomes clear at least to an adult that this is a black family moving in. The book was written in the s. I love how little Deborah puts it when she first meets the family: Jun 23, Marilyn Shea rated it really liked it. I have long loved Edward Eager's tales of magic and was delighted to find this first edition from the UK which in its former life was part of a library in Glasgow.

It's been a while since I've read this one, enough to make it seem entirely new. I think in the past, I might'nt have liked it as much as the others because this one had very practical, everyday sorts of events that had nicely unexpected results. It had a theme of being grateful for what one has and helping others, no matter how hopel I have long loved Edward Eager's tales of magic and was delighted to find this first edition from the UK which in its former life was part of a library in Glasgow.

It had a theme of being grateful for what one has and helping others, no matter how hopeless the cause. You know, the magic in things around us. It was comforting to me right now when I am wondering about what impact my life has had, if any, on those around me. Maybe I can think I've done some little magic somehow in my relationships with people at work, the students I've gotten to know and my family. I love them all and wish them all well. That makes me a Well-Wisher, I suppose.

I really like how this book and that last book use a subtle form of magic. It really makes you wonder if it is magic or not. But not only that but this book also tackles the moral issue of accepting others which was a big issue when this book was written You would think that we would have been able to put that behind us now and move on but we still struggle.

Some people may not think this is appropriate to put in a children's book. But Eager does it in such I really like how this book and that last book use a subtle form of magic. But Eager does it in such a way that it is not in your face and it fits well with the story.

Definitely a good read for all children!

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This is the one that broke me. I was okay with the previous one, with the magic not really being real, being the product of the children's good deeds, but this one was too disjointed for me. I don't know if it was the transition into an "I" book from each of the character's perspectives or something else.

Anyway, while still delightful this one lost a bit of the magic for me. Sep 17, Leslie rated it it was amazing. This was my favorite book as a child.

I was happy to find it on eBay and am reliving a more innocent time. It's reminded me of a more idealistic me, when I believed in magic and the good in the world. James, Kip, Laura, Lydia, and Gordy are back with new adventures! I thought it was interesting how this book was written. It reminds me a lot of the first book in which each child has their own chapter in the book and explains all about their adventure.

I really like that it was in first-person because I feel like that http: I really like that it was in first-person because I feel like that gives a more personal feel to the novel. You really get to know more about the characters and I felt like part of their group. There is so much more to learn about each of the characters in this book.

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They are much more developed and we begin to see signs of them starting to "grow-up" and wanting to leave magic behind. I don't feel like I should tell you more about them because you should discover that for yourself, but it is important to know that they are growing as characters.

It is sad to spend two books with them and learn to love them so much only to see them go. I don't believe they are around in the final Tales of Magic book. Anyway, the characters are great! I like the plot , but it is closely related to the previous book, but with different adventures. The children want to help people in the neighborhood and use the wishing well as a means to do so; however, they are never certain whether it really is magic or just a bunch of coincidences. I actually found the first adventure with Gordy to be the most interesting, but they were all entertaining.

I also like how there are several lessons to be learned in this novel that are important for children to know. The one thing I wasn't too sure about was right at the end in about the last chapter when we see James start to mature a little and find an interest in girls. There wasn't anything too inappropriate about it, which was good, but if you are a parent and don't like anything like that then this book can be easily skipped.

So, I really like this book, but just like the previous one, it is not my favorite just because nothing really magical actually happens to make it I did like that it was a little different though, especially in a series with as many books as this one it helps to change it up a little. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves this series or adores fantasy books. It is also a great book for children!

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So I am beginning this story, and after that each one will tell what happened to him or her, as the case may be, and each one will tell it in his own way. Only we have made one rule, which is not to tell about the days when nothing happened, because who would want to read about them?

And another rule is not to put in things that don't mean anything and are just there to try to make it more exciting. Like saying, "There I stood, my heart beating. Otherwise So I am beginning this story, and after that each one will tell what happened to him or her, as the case may be, and each one will tell it in his own way.

Otherwise you wouldn't be standing there; you'd be lying down dead. There's a lot of charm, a lot of sly literary commentary, even in an average Edward Eager book. This is one of his mediocre works, though, because most of the stories are formulaic. Still well-told, and always witty, with that thread of satire running beneath every character pronouncement, but less fresh overall, less memorable.

The on chapter that struck me most this time was the way Eager treated Deborah's story of the first black family to move to town. Interestingly, he never describes the family's appearance, just the town's split reaction, letting readers draw their own conclusions. Eager's only true acknowledgement that the opposition to the new family was race-based comes from Deborah's "Oh, is that all?

Which felt a bit - condescending. Though that's perhaps balanced by Hannibal's insight that the families were so welcoming to make themselves feel good, which is a moment of uncomfortable insight that I'd imagine was fairly daring for a book first published in Guess what The Well-Wishers is!

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It is the sequel to Magic or Not! It's kind of the perfect sequel: It's written in first person POV, and each kid gets their own chapter to tell their part of the story. The great thing is that they all sound different from one another-- and just like how you'd expect them to sound, too!

Admittedly through the lens of a s kids book. Even the pre-teen greaser he's a bully but he gets better gets a chapter, and he sounds like what you'd expect, too. Plot-wise, the emphasis was more on the kids themselves, their character development and working through friendship issues and whatnot. Though it still had the same maybe-it's-magic-maybe-not kind of feel to it as in the first book. I actually think The Well-Wishers could stand on its own well enough, if you haven't read Magic or Not?

But I think it's best read on the wings of the awesomeness of the first book, just because I'm picky like that. This is the same as my review of Magic or Not Edward Eager was one of my favorite authors when I was a child. Statistics for well-wisher Look-up Popularity. Time Traveler for well-wisher The first known use of well-wisher was circa See more words from the same year.

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